Photographing statue

Here are a couple of statues in Mexico, including one about to take my picture.  Kind of creepy if you ask me.  Great Art taken in Puerto Vallarta during our Mexican cruise and part of my famous Statue series.

Short Shrift not required tonight!  Although I really have nothing to say.

I finally got around to buying a year-long iPhone developer license late last night.  I’ve been meaning to do it for weeks.  Now I can compile and install the latest version of the church app without waiting for my friends at the church to send it to me.  Hard to develop and test when you can’t build and install.

Speaking of which, I’m having a funny problem.  Part of the application downloads a bunch of data from the church.  One of the guys on my team reported that it suddenly wasn’t working for him anymore yesterday.  I tried it and it’s not working for me either.  We appear to be the only two people on the team who are having a problem, but the application is dead on both the simulator and my phone.  Apparently, there was a database update yesterday or the day before, and it appears to have broken something, but only for some people, since most of the other people on the team are still fine.  Weird-o-rama.

A bunch of people from our ward when I was bishop have discovered me on Facebook, so I suddenly have a lot of friends there.  I was kind of trying to limit it to only family and a few extremely close friends, but how can I say no to those wonderful people from Denver?  So I have a bunch of friends now.  It’s interesting to hear from old friends and see what they’re up to these days.  It was also cool to see pictures of my niece Vickie’s brand-new baby.  Awww…

Still, I can’t see spending hours every day sitting on Facebook.  A lot of people do, though.

Spent most of the work day today doing yet another iteration of financial planning for next year.  We may have at lest two more plans to make too.  Sigh.  After all these proposals, there had better be a decent program next year!

Went swimming after I got home from work this afternoon.  It was a really hot day today and the pool is incredibly warm.  You could walk right in – just how I like it.  It’s supposed to stay very warm during the day and much warmer than usual at night for at least a couple more days, so I’m planning on spending a bunch of time in the pool while I can.

Of course, there are plans for the weekend.  First and foremost, I need to write my talk for Sunday.  The topic is “preparing for a full-time mission.”  Shouldn’t be hard to come up with something good.  I can just suggest that people consider what I did and then do pretty much the opposite.

Seriously, I think there is way more formal support for missionary preparation these days.  Anybody can buy a copy of Preach My Gospel, for example.  If a prospective missionary will spend the last year before his/her mission working through that book, they’ll be ready.  Of course, that involves plenty of scripture study, contemplation, and prayer, which is what mainly effects the preparation anyway.

I think I’ll also mention the new Duty to God book.  As I’ve mentioned before, I consider that book to be Preach My Gospel Junior.  I think it’ll turn out to be great training for PMG for Aaronic Priesthood-age young men if they’ll take it seriously.

Speaking of Duty to God, I’ve been a tiny bit surprised that some of the young men I’ve spoken to about it are a little disappointed that they don’t earn trinkets as they go through the book.  I’ve pointed out that the trinket always ends up being meaninglessly shoved into a drawer, never to be looked at again, and that the true reward for going through the book is in what you become, but they’re not all convinced just yet.  Besides, one of my close young friends pointed out that there is a handsome plaque available upon completion of the Priest portion of the book, so he’s happy with that.  I’m fine with that too because I think he’ll see later what his true reward will be, when he’s able to enter missionary service with a strong testimony and an ability to study the Gospel and act on it – skills acquired in the Duty to God program.

Gee, I just wrote my talk.  I can just get up the pulpit, open my blog on my iPhone, and read from it.  Perfect.  Of course, maybe I can spice it up a bit as well.

I also hope to get some work done on the Arduino project, of course.  I have known what I want to do for my next step for about a week now and haven’t had the time to do anything about it.  Frustrating!  I also have a TON of work to get the project online. A ton. Starting with rehosting Gardenville on WordPress.  I should have been documenting my progress all along.  And when I finally get the current project working and documented and a new board designed, produced, assembled, and publicized, there’s still the accelerometer project, which is what LRN1 and I set out to do in the first place.

Also need to help LRN2 get a website set up for his current cartooning work.  He’s got something pretty good in the works.  He’s not interested in publishing it on paper – he’s going strictly digital.  I promised to help get a site ready and tomorrow is as good a time as any.

Also need to work on the iPhone project.  I want to finally get the app compiled and installed on my own phone.  Even if it won’t work until the church gets their database fixed for me.

Then there’s the pond.  It’s still disgustingly green.  I’m just continuing to clean the filter every time I get the chance and hope for the best.  We may need to go to a pond store and see if they have better anti-algae chemicals than the ones we’ve been trying.  Our current chemicals appear to encourage algae growth, rather than stop it.  Sigh.  The fellas can’t be enjoying it in there.

And I’ll quit for the night.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife job opportunity: cat burglar!

See you on Monday.

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  1. shannon Says:

    I’m afraid you probably didn’t get to most of those things on your list for the weekend! It was a pleasant, fun weekend, even if it wasn’t particularly productive!

  2. Mark Says:

    Underwear Cat Burglar would be a good name for a rock band.

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