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Power pole

Thursday, April 30th, 2009

Here’s the reason we had no power for a day during our Mt. Madonna campout. Apparently, the pole just rotted out and chose that rainy, cold day to pack it in. It was interesting watching them work on the replacement – took a lot of people and a lot of time. Part of my famous Machinery series.

LRN1 thinks yesterday’s horse statue should also be counted as part of my famous Machinery series. I see his point and am updating the post accordingly. Thanks for your discriminating taste, LRN1!

Normal day. My ecclesiastical leader and I issued several more callings to Young Women for camp. Also worked, commuted, and ate. Our meetings were in Tracy this evening, so I drove to work in order to get there on time without having to leave the car at the Tracy station in the morning. I got there a little early, so I made a quick trip to Rubio’s and had a couple of fish tacos while I waited. Pretty good stuff – takes me back to San Diego days.

There’s important toilet news today – they’re holding competitions. Now there’s a title to aspire to.

Also, here’s an invention the world probably isn’t quite ready for yet. Still, it could be interesting. Also disgusting. Must keep it out of the wrong hands. I’m thinking of you, LRN3.

Tomorrow’s off Friday. Lots to do over the weekend. Wash LRN4’s car (weather permitting), fix LRN4’s brakes, get the Honda’s oil changed, make numerous YW camp callings, visit with LRN5, LRN6, and LRN12, maybe help a little on the lawn (weather permitting), get the MARV (Morrow Autonomous Robotic Vehicle, of course) driving on its own, and maybe buy some more expensive electronic goodies.

Time for bed soon. See you tomorrow.

Brown horse

Wednesday, April 29th, 2009

Here’s a gallant steed. Picture taken on the Great America carousel and part of my famous Statue series.

Fine day. I worked fewer hours than usual because of a stake assignment, as discussed previously. I have another identical assignment tomorrow night. Looking forward to it. I’m making callings like crazy right now.

Otherwise, commuted, worked, commuted, did stake work, came home, ate, blogged, went to bed ( in a few minutes).

Lots of activity in the comments these days – thanks! A few comments on the comments:

LRN3 has a great summer job idea. I think there’s opportunity for all the college-based Loyal Readers there. Sounds like kind of a freelance thing to me.

LRN5’s glowing worm report is heartening progress in my lifelong search for a glowing snake. Thanks for that encouraging word.

I suggest that LRN4 look more carefully in the lower left-hand corner of the Apple TV/Boxee Great Art. LRN5’s definitely there.

Thanks again for commenting! It makes me feel like someone is actually reading my timeless prose, if not actually enjoying it.

There’s a little bit of toilet news today: Stop, then go. Words to live by.

See you tomorrow.

On the wall

Tuesday, April 28th, 2009

Here’s LRN2 on the Henry Miller house ruins. Part of my famous Camping series.

Massive Meeting Tuesday, so not much to blog today. The next two days promise to be excessively busy too, as I’m getting together with my ecclestiacal leader to interview potential Young Women Camp youth leaders. Lots to do, but I’m enjoying it.

I don’t remember whether I mentioned LRN3’s summer internship in this space. He’s going to work for the Game & Fish Department, educating boaters and others on how to not introduce non-native species into Arizona’s precious waterways. He’ll also be doing a bunch of other stuff. It all sounds like lots of fun. Take lots of pictures, LRN3! And sign up to give some campground ranger talks.

Today’s pet news: I’ll have to keep my glowing puppy chained down.

See you tomorrow.

Boxee install

Monday, April 27th, 2009

Here’s Joe, my new Apple TV, going through its Boxee installation, complete with Tux. Also featured: LRN3, LRN5, and LRN15. Sort of. Part of my famous Machinery series.

Nice but incredibly busy weekend. LRN2 and I went to the YM/YW super activity on Saturday. I worked at the zip line all day long. Got tired and had a great time. Never went down the zip line myself – I have a family to support. I’m pretty sore from exercising normally-unused muscles.

Sunday consisted of the usual meetings.

LRN12 spent the weekend with us while her folks enjoyed being together. We had a great time, much of which was spent without LRN2 and me – see above. She was feeling pretty sick by the time she went home, though. Hopefully, it’s not the swine flu.

No toilet news today, but we do have a report on my next pet – The Glowing Puppy. As soon as they make one in snake form, I’ll bet LRN4 will sign on too. Or maybe some fish for the pond. Now that would be cool.

See you tomorrow.

Scary sight

Friday, April 24th, 2009

Here’s a rather frightening sight – skulls. Dozens of ’em. Found in an ancient cave? An ancient monestary? The Roman catacombs? Naw – Great America.

Nice day. It rained early, although I didn’t see it. My car did, though. Sigh. Work was fine. Commuting was fine. Everything was fine.

Spent the evening working on Young Women Camp callings. Made some progress.

The weekend will be incredibly busy. Saturday from dawn to late at night will be spent at the youth COPE activity. Ought to be fun. Hard work and fun, that is. Sunday will be normal. Meetings and YW camp callings. And rest.

No toilet news, but I do have disgusting news, so that counts: I think I’d rather have asthma.

I also discovered the second unluckiest person in the world today (right after the first unluckiest, reported here earlier): Pregnant Woman Hit by Car While Fleeing from Bear. Now that’s unlucky.

See you Monday.