Boxee install

Here’s Joe, my new Apple TV, going through its Boxee installation, complete with Tux. Also featured: LRN3, LRN5, and LRN15. Sort of. Part of my famous Machinery series.

Nice but incredibly busy weekend. LRN2 and I went to the YM/YW super activity on Saturday. I worked at the zip line all day long. Got tired and had a great time. Never went down the zip line myself – I have a family to support. I’m pretty sore from exercising normally-unused muscles.

Sunday consisted of the usual meetings.

LRN12 spent the weekend with us while her folks enjoyed being together. We had a great time, much of which was spent without LRN2 and me – see above. She was feeling pretty sick by the time she went home, though. Hopefully, it’s not the swine flu.

No toilet news today, but we do have a report on my next pet – The Glowing Puppy. As soon as they make one in snake form, I’ll bet LRN4 will sign on too. Or maybe some fish for the pond. Now that would be cool.

See you tomorrow.

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