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Cool truck

Friday, January 29th, 2010

Here’s LRN2 in front of one of the coolest trucks I’ve ever seen. It’s unrestored and in great condition. I want one. Now. Great Art taken at the Sacramento automotive museum and part of my famous Machinery series.

Extreme Short Shrift. Another busy night. I spent most of the evening training my replacement on the high council – an extremely nice young man who will do very well. I’m sure going to miss those guys. Have plenty to do now, though.

No post yesterday. Worked, ate, exercised, and slept. Good day, but no time for blogging. Sigh.

LRN2 got in the newspaper today – front page! Congrats, LRN2! You’re world famous in Lardville.

Gotta get to bed. I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking domestic food violence news: meatloaf attack.

See you Monday.

Antique art

Wednesday, January 27th, 2010

Here’s a closeup of some Art in the antique-filled hotel room where LRN4 and I stayed in Moke Hill. Great Art, once removed.

No post yesterday. It was Massive Meeting Tuesday. I’m still going to have those fairly frequently. Not to mention Massive Meeting other days too. But I’m having a great time so far. Went to the BSA LDS Relations meeting at the Scout Center in Modesto. Met some people, including our new Council Exec. Nice guy. Learned some too. Got home at about 10:00. So no post.

And Extreme Short Shrift tonight. We went to LRN2’s Eagle Court of Honor! Congrats, LRN2. You earned it. It was a very nice court of honor and extremely well attended. LRN4 worked her dainty fingers to the bone on this one, and it showed. There were two other young men from the ward who also got their Eagle awards, so it was a pretty big deal. Just like LRN1’s court. There was a reporter and photographer from the local paper, so I expect there will be an article coming up soon.

Did I mention LRN1 had a article in the local paper about him recently? They had a very nice writeup about his upcoming mission. Have a look.

Otherwise, worked, ate, and slept. Life’s good.

Oh, and my non-loyal-reader brother-in-law Ken was in town, so he came to the Court of Honor with us. Also LRN5 and LRN12, who are spending the night, after which LRN12 will be here until sometime on Friday. Ought to be a fun week. Thanks for coming, Loyal Readers!

Time to get a few other things done and get to bed. I’ll leave you with this tragic Food Violence news: crab cake attack. The people of Maryland aren’t going to like this one bit. They take their crab cakes pretty seriously out there. There may be some retaliation coming. Which will of course be reported here. As long as Food Violence is involved.

See you tomorrow.

Record collection

Monday, January 25th, 2010

Here’s an interior detail of the place LRN4 and I stayed in Moke Hill. Interesting storage arrangement for their record collection. Part of my famous Machinery series.

I didn’t miss a day this time! No need for Anon to get excited.

Got released from the high council and sustained as the stake Young Men president on Sunday. I’m sad to leave the high council – I really enjoyed my stay there and it was way too short – but excited and a bit overwhelmed about my new responsibility. Let’s just say there will be plenty to do. And a lot more meetings, I believe. Plus, I’ll still get to speak in sacrament meeting every month, which I like doing very much.

Anyway. Pretty good weekend, if a busy one. It was LRN5’s birthday on Saturday, and we spent an enjoyable evening of fun and frolic. Went to a Young Women activity on Saturday and worked pretty hard on church stuff on Sunday. Then slept.

Did I mention that LRN4 and I went to a great concert on January 15? Well, we did – short description here. It was at the Gallo Center in Modesto, which is a beautiful facility, and was very nice. Also the price was right – LRN4’s visiting teaching companion had won the tickets and couldn’t use them, so we got them for free. Had a very nice time listening to some beautiful (and beautifully performed) music.

Well, LRN4 has tasted blood, and she wants more. We’re going to the opera this Saturday night. The Merry Widow, to be specific. Back at the Gallo Center, of course. All four of us are going this time and looking forward to it.

Time for bed. I’ll leave you with this shocking news of Official Food Violence. Our boys in blue have done it again.

See you tomorrow

T truckers

Friday, January 22nd, 2010

Here are LRN1 and LRN2 doing a little Model T trucking. I really want a Model T. Really. I want one. Really. Please buy me one. Great Art taken at the Sacramento automotive museum on Christmas Eve and part of my famous Machinery series.

No post yesterday. Many thanks to good old Anon for noticing. I love you, man. Or woman. Or boy. Or girl. Or other.

Nice day today – it rained some and cleared up a bit for a while too. Got a few things done from my exceptionally long list. Lots more to get done tomorrow, which will be a bit difficult because I have a Young Women activity to attend all afternoon and LRN5’s scheduled to come for her birthday in the evening. We’ll have a nice time, at any rate, and I think I’ll manage to get the most urgent things done, including a few church callings. Plus some puttering.

Things are otherwise fairly normal. I’m trying to figure out the best way to get a remote control working with my old Mac Mini G4. It’s LRN4’s machine right now, but she’s inheriting LRN1’s laptop when he leaves on his mission and she doesn’t think she’ll want two computers. Why, I can’t imagine, but there you have it. I’m scheduled to re-inherit the old Mini, and I’m thinking of having it take the place of one of my media center machines – possibly Ted, the downstairs machine. I have a nice old Dell tower working there, but the Mini would be a bit slicker, I believe, if I can get it working right. A remote is a must. I’ve discovered this solution, which I like very much, not to mention that the price is right, but I would also like something that works with a standard Apple remote. They used to make this, but it doesn’t seem to be available anymore. The remote I bought for the PC doesn’t seem to be compatible, which is a true shame. Gotta get something figured out.

And it’s time for bed. I’ll leave you with today’s food violence news: taco tossing. Frankly, I think he acted prudently and reasonably, given the outrageous provocation, but you just can’t toss a taco in Alaska and expect to get away with it.

See you tomorrow.

T mobile

Wednesday, January 20th, 2010

Here’s yet another automotive-related piece of Great Art – the Model T snowmobile. It’s kind of hard to see it here, but there are skis on the front wheels. Totally cool car. I want one. Picture taken on Christmas Eve at the Sacramento auto museum and part of my famous machinery series.

No post yesterday – came home from work, ate, exercised, and went to bed. Nothing else. But it was a fine day. As was today. It’s just that nothing happened.

Well, I did do some work on the Young Women camp calling list. I have my first five people to call, so the process has begun. It’ll only get busier from here.

We’re having people over for dinner the next three nights in a row. The missionaries are tomorrow, our friends the McClures and Hadleys are on Friday night, and LRN5 and LRN12 are coming over for LRN5’s birthday on Saturday. All evenings should be enjoyable. Although I probably won’t even see the missionaries, since I just heard they’re coming over at 5:00 and there’s little to no chance I’ll be home before 6:30. And more likely at 7:30. Fortunately, LRN1 will be here, so they can come anyway.

Raining cats and dogs again today (fortunately, no poodles on the sidewalk). Did the same yesterday. Will probably do the same tomorrow and Friday. We really need the moisture. I got soaked to the skin during the 5-minute walk from the train platform in Santa Clara to my beloved pickup in the parking lot, both yesterday and today. Fortunately, I eventually dried both days.

Situation otherwise normal. I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with today’s food-related tragedy – the guy behind the SpaghettiO is no more. We’ll miss you, big guy.

See you tomorrow.