Antique art

Here’s a closeup of some Art in the antique-filled hotel room where LRN4 and I stayed in Moke Hill. Great Art, once removed.

No post yesterday. It was Massive Meeting Tuesday. I’m still going to have those fairly frequently. Not to mention Massive Meeting other days too. But I’m having a great time so far. Went to the BSA LDS Relations meeting at the Scout Center in Modesto. Met some people, including our new Council Exec. Nice guy. Learned some too. Got home at about 10:00. So no post.

And Extreme Short Shrift tonight. We went to LRN2’s Eagle Court of Honor! Congrats, LRN2. You earned it. It was a very nice court of honor and extremely well attended. LRN4 worked her dainty fingers to the bone on this one, and it showed. There were two other young men from the ward who also got their Eagle awards, so it was a pretty big deal. Just like LRN1’s court. There was a reporter and photographer from the local paper, so I expect there will be an article coming up soon.

Did I mention LRN1 had a article in the local paper about him recently? They had a very nice writeup about his upcoming mission. Have a look.

Otherwise, worked, ate, and slept. Life’s good.

Oh, and my non-loyal-reader brother-in-law Ken was in town, so he came to the Court of Honor with us. Also LRN5 and LRN12, who are spending the night, after which LRN12 will be here until sometime on Friday. Ought to be a fun week. Thanks for coming, Loyal Readers!

Time to get a few other things done and get to bed. I’ll leave you with this tragic Food Violence news: crab cake attack. The people of Maryland aren’t going to like this one bit. They take their crab cakes pretty seriously out there. There may be some retaliation coming. Which will of course be reported here. As long as Food Violence is involved.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Andy Morrow Says:

    I would have expected seafood-oriented violence to occur further north, perhaps in Maine.
    Unless it's spreading, that is! Everyone run!

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