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Packing pet

Monday, November 30th, 2015

Here’s the Loyal Pet helping me get ready for a recent trip. I’m not sure exactly which one I was packing for, but he’s reliably helpful. Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam, taken in my room prior to a recent trip, and part of my famous Las Vegas and Vacation series.

Wonders of WordPress. I’m quite sure I’ve never let so much time go by before. Hopefully, never again. So let’s see what I was up to in November, shall we?

First, of course, we spent Halloween quietly at home. Several adorable little tykes came by begging for candy. We have it to them, lest some terrible misfortune overtake us.

I went solo to see Katy and Cliff on November 3-4. There was a threefold purpose to the trip: to see my Loyal Family, to celebrate Mia’s birthday, and to get enough flights for A-list status on Southwest Airlines. All missions accomplished. It was a nice visit. Katy and Cliff are always such fun hosts.

November 6-9, Kristina came here. She stayed with her mom at the condo. They had a very nice visit and I was glad to see her too. I don’t remember exactly what we did, but it was enjoyable.

We went to Allen, Texas to visit Desi and his family on November 13-15. Another great visit! I was delighted to meet Andrea’s family. Plus, Desi, Andrea, and Riley are so much fun. I really like them.

Joanne and I went to San Diego on November 21-22. Objective: get enough flights for A-list status on Southwest Airlines. Also to have fun and relax. All missions accomplished.

We had a great Thanksgiving! Andy and JaNell were here. It was great to see them and we had a great few days. Joanne went to the Bay Area for a few days right after the holiday and had another excellent  is it with Ryan and Kristina.

And that’s about all the travel for November. Hopefully, that’s enough for my Loyal Readers. It was certainly enough for us. I don’t really remember what else happened during the month. So it’s time to quit.

And I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this combination exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity and shocking food violence news: pie-stealing bear!

See you tomorrow.