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Happy 61st, Shannon

Thursday, May 17th, 2018

Here is Shannon giving little toddler Andy a kiss. I found this the other day while I was scanning old slides and I really like it. Part of my famous Shannon series.

It’s Shannon’s birthday today. She would have been 61 years old. I can hardly believe it’s been more than four years since she died. I still think about her every day and truly grieve her loss.

The slide scanning project is starting to pick up. I bought a decent scanner quite a while ago – in time to scan a few old slides for my 60th birthday, in fact – but only used it for a couple hundred slides or so and then let it sit until recently. Now I’m moving forward with it again. Most of the photos were shot by Shannon. For the most part, they document birthdays, Christmas, Easter, family visits, and camping trips. Pretty normal, everyday things in our lives. And yet I’ve been deeply impressed by the feeling of her love for our children that these photos represent. Katy, Paul, Andy, and Mark were indelibly imprinted on her heart and even though she’s been gone for a while now, that love somehow persists. I feel it in a very real way and I sincerely hope each of our children does too.

And that’s it for today. My life has been so charmed. Sure, there have been, are, and will be more difficulties. But I live a charmed life, full of love and happiness. I wish the same to you.