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A new job and a new decision

Monday, August 23rd, 2021

Here’s the logo for the company I just joined! We improve people lives with newer and better food additives. Among other things. Anyway, I’m excited to be working full-time again.

I’m an automated software testing lead for their business software operations. You know, the kind of stuff that orders stuff, ships stuff, stores stuff, pays bills and employees, etc. I have a bit of experience in automated testing of that kind of thing, along with my better-known rocket science stuff.

So my life has changed yet again. I’m no longer retired. Well, I’m technically still retired in the sense of checks coming every month, which is always nice. The company has operations all over the world. My part is in Erlanger, Kentucky, which is in the metro Cincinnati area. It’s supposed to be very nice there.

We went to Louisville a couple months ago to see Mark, who had just moved there for a new job. He’s pretty happy in Kentucky and I think we will be too. For now, though, I’m working remotely. We’ll probably have to move there within a year.

And there’s one more change: I want to start writing on my blogs more than I write on Facebook. There’s this one and spinfo dot info, as my Loyal Readers doubtless know. Facebook gives you access to a built-in audience of friends and family, which is nice, but it’s also a horrible medium run by horrible people. So I’ll probably keep putting funny pictures on that platform and writing mainly to myself on this one and the other. This will be for life and the other site will be for tech.

Wish me luck, Loyal Readers.