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Platform view

Thursday, October 29th, 2009

Here’s the view from the train platform on the morning of August 17. I love to see a pretty sunrise. Or sunset. Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam.

The weekend’s here! For me, at least. Not too many plans this weekend. There’s the ward Halloween party tomorrow night and actual trick-or-treating Saturday night with LRN12, which should be lots of fun. We’re also cleaning the church on Saturday morning, and I should probably look at the pool filters yet again – it’s been terribly windy this week and the pool had tons of dust in it. We’ll see how that goes.

The real news today, though, is that LRN1’s mission call came! He’s going to the Guatemala Guatemala City North mission, speaking Spanish, of course. He reports to the Provo MTC on February 10, spends three weeks there, and then goes on to the Guatemala MTC for another six weeks before starting actual proselyting. He’s excited, we’re excited, everybody’s excited. Congratulations, LRN1!

As part of the continuing Morrowlife Blog effort to ensure full employment among the Loyal Reader population, I offer today’s opportunity: worm charmer. Get your applications in now, Loyal Readers!

See you tomorrow.

Who knows?

Wednesday, October 28th, 2009

Here’s a . . . umm . . . I have no idea. It’s some kind of farm implement or something. Found in the park where we had our last campout of the summer. So it’s part of both my famous Machinery and my Camping series.

Short Shrift tonight. It’s getting late already and I want to get to bed. No post yesterday due to More or Less Massive Meeting Tuesday. We started a little later than some other weeks and we ended on time, so it wasn’t bad. But there was no time for blogging.

Cool day. I was positively cold on the train platform this morning, with only my light jacket for comfort. I’m thinking of wearing a slightly heavier one tomorrow, as it’s supposed to be similarly cool in the morning. It snowed heavily in Denver today, I hear, and LRN1 reported at least a little snow in Provo. So I can’t complain. Much.

All else is well. So I’ll end not with toilet violence, but with a Very Special Toilet Employment Opportunity. My Loyal Readers will want to put in their applications immediately. Best of luck to all of you.

See you tomorrow.

Camp pond

Monday, October 26th, 2009

Here’s LRN4 in front of the pond on the grounds of the rich guy’s house pictured in yesterday’s blog. Being a pond fan, I had a snap a photo. Also an LRN4 fan, by the way. Part of my famous Camping series.

Pretty good weekend. I got the pool filters cleaned, which was a Real Good Idea. They were filthy. And now they’re clean(ish). Also got some other things done, most of which escape me at the moment.

Still waiting for LRN1’s mission call to come. Maybe this week.

I went back to the dentist’s office this afternoon to get my fallen-off filling replaced. They replaced another old filling while they were at it. Which was good, because they found a “significant amount” of decay around it. Yikes. Fortunately, I’m as sound as the pound again.

Which brings me to my other appointment this afternoon – went to the doctor’s office for a physical. I’m in great shape, but need lower cholesterol. Since I’m already living a perfectly healthy lifestyle, my doctor gave me some cholesterol lowering medication. Let’s hope it works. I’d like to live a few more years. A lot more years, in fact. Let’s hope. The blog just wouldn’t be the same without me.

Let’s close with some highly important Salad Violence news: can you blame the guy? I’m certainly not about to cast the first stone on this one.

See you tomorrow.

Outdoor Fireplace

Friday, October 23rd, 2009

Here’s a rich guy’s outdoor fireplace. At least it used to belong to a rich guy. He’s dead now. The fireplace – and the house it’s attached to – now belong to a county park. They use it as a conference center or something like that. It looks like it was truly beautiful back when the rich guy owned it. Great Art taken during our August camping trip. Part of my famous Camping series.

Normal work Friday. I came home a little early, so we had time to jacuzzify this evening. It’s about 9:30 now and I’m already exhausted. Time for bed.

The weekend isn’t very well planned at this point. It turns out LRN6 isn’t coming for LRN12 tomorrow. We don’t know when he’ll be here at this point. So we have LRN12 with us for the foreseeable future, I guess. Need to start treating it like it’s permanent. We’re really enjoying her.

Anyway, the pool filters really need cleaning badly, so I’ll get that done. Also have lots of other things that could be cleaned up and/or put away and/or thrown away. Need to get to a few of them.

The food violence crime wave continues. Today’s heinousness: chicken robbery.

See you on Monday.

Lecture guy

Thursday, October 22nd, 2009

Here’s an organ technician waving his hands giving a lecture last Saturday in the organ loft of a church in Modesto. It was really interesting – for the first hour or so, anyway. I’m glad we went. Great Art courtesy of the famous iPhone cam.

Little to discuss today. Worked. LRN5 came over this evening to visit LRN12, who was very appreciative. Nothing else to speak of.

LRN4 got us ticket to go to a King Tut exhibition at the De Young Museum in San Francisco. We’re going on November 13 and looking forward to it.

Thanks to LRN1 for noting my punctuation omission in yesterday’s blog. I’ve decided to leave it there as a memorial to what can go wrong when you’re all worked up over Great Toilet Art.

I’m sad to have to report an outbreak of bacon violence. Will the food violence never end? Can’t all the meats just get along?

See you tomorrow.