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Here’s yet another automotive-related piece of Great Art – the Model T snowmobile. It’s kind of hard to see it here, but there are skis on the front wheels. Totally cool car. I want one. Picture taken on Christmas Eve at the Sacramento auto museum and part of my famous machinery series.

No post yesterday – came home from work, ate, exercised, and went to bed. Nothing else. But it was a fine day. As was today. It’s just that nothing happened.

Well, I did do some work on the Young Women camp calling list. I have my first five people to call, so the process has begun. It’ll only get busier from here.

We’re having people over for dinner the next three nights in a row. The missionaries are tomorrow, our friends the McClures and Hadleys are on Friday night, and LRN5 and LRN12 are coming over for LRN5’s birthday on Saturday. All evenings should be enjoyable. Although I probably won’t even see the missionaries, since I just heard they’re coming over at 5:00 and there’s little to no chance I’ll be home before 6:30. And more likely at 7:30. Fortunately, LRN1 will be here, so they can come anyway.

Raining cats and dogs again today (fortunately, no poodles on the sidewalk). Did the same yesterday. Will probably do the same tomorrow and Friday. We really need the moisture. I got soaked to the skin during the 5-minute walk from the train platform in Santa Clara to my beloved pickup in the parking lot, both yesterday and today. Fortunately, I eventually dried both days.

Situation otherwise normal. I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with today’s food-related tragedy – the guy behind the SpaghettiO is no more. We’ll miss you, big guy.

See you tomorrow.

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