Here’s a follow-up to last Monday’s picture of LRN2 at the (simulated) wheel. The real thing. Part of my famous Machinery series.

No posts since last Monday – busy week most nights and I just didn’t get to it. Fortunately, no word from Anon. Maybe that’s actually unfortunate, huh? Where are you, Anon? You never call, you never write. I miss you!

Anyway. We finally had a truly rainy day today. It’s been cold, gray, and drizzly for days now, and we’ve been observing that if we had to have lousy weather, we might as well get some substantial rain. Well, we got it today. And it looks like we’ll be getting it for the next week or so. So much the better. Long as it don’t flood. And it probably won’t.

Lots going on church-wise. I’ll talk more about it when there’s time, but it’s looking to get very busy.

Speaking of busy, LRN4 and I have decided to take a cruise to Mexico in February, once again with our friends the Smiths. We’re hoping for much warmer weather than we had in Alaska, although it’s doubtful we’ll get much better scenery. Still, the Mexican Riviera (if there is such a thing) ought to be beautiful in its own right. We’ll be out the last week of February.

I’ll end with tonight’s food-related tragedy – a collapsing floor. Maybe that’s more irony than tragedy.

See you tomorrow.

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