Speed dream

Here’s LRN2 dreaming of speed. Picture taken on Christmas Eve in the Sacramento Automotive Museum and part of my famous Machinery series (sort of). Yes, I know it’s not a real car. But it looks like a car (sort of). Besides, there is a real car in the background. So it counts (sort of).

Blogging has been sporadic lately. I’ve been going through a very difficult spell for the last while and haven’t been up to the task. I apologize to all my deprived Loyal Readers.

Tough weekend, sprinkled with high points. We had stake conference and it was quite enjoyable – more so than I really expected, I think. I don’t remember getting much else done, other than exercising and attending a few work meetings on Friday, exercising and attending conference sessions on Saturday, and attending conference and a Young Women camp meeting on Sunday. There must have been other things, but it was so long ago.

And there’s really not anything more today, except for today’s shocking food violence news: McNugget attack! There have to be better things to go to jail over. There just have to.

Hopefully, things are stabilizing for me and blogging will become much more regular. See you tomorrow.

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