Scary sight

Here’s a rather frightening sight – skulls. Dozens of ’em. Found in an ancient cave? An ancient monestary? The Roman catacombs? Naw – Great America.

Nice day. It rained early, although I didn’t see it. My car did, though. Sigh. Work was fine. Commuting was fine. Everything was fine.

Spent the evening working on Young Women Camp callings. Made some progress.

The weekend will be incredibly busy. Saturday from dawn to late at night will be spent at the youth COPE activity. Ought to be fun. Hard work and fun, that is. Sunday will be normal. Meetings and YW camp callings. And rest.

No toilet news, but I do have disgusting news, so that counts: I think I’d rather have asthma.

I also discovered the second unluckiest person in the world today (right after the first unluckiest, reported here earlier): Pregnant Woman Hit by Car While Fleeing from Bear. Now that’s unlucky.

See you Monday.

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