Steam power

Here was the view out the train window yesterday morning. Some guys took their toy out to play. Picture courtesy of the exclusive Blackberry cam. Part of my famous Machinery series.

Young Minds at Work day was very nice. LRNs 1 & 2 and I hung out, worked, visited some cool things, ate sushi, rode the train, drove around in the pickup, visited Weird Stuff Warehouse, and generally enjoyed ourselves.

Speaking of Weird Stuff Warehouse, it’s an interesting place that’s indeed full of weird stuff – mostly extremely obsolete computer equipment that’s expensive and of absolutely no conceivable use to anybody. Doesn’t make you want to go back. I’m sure they’re making money somehow, though.

My Brother-in-law Ken dropped in yesterday afternoon. It was nice to visit with him. He and LRN1 went to Bass Pro for a little while and then we pretty much just sat around and talked until he had to go. Nice but brief visit.

Otherwise an average day. It’s cooled down some but still very pleasant out with a few clouds. Not bad at all this evening.

How about today’s toilet news? They’re getting more convenient.

See you tomorrow.

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