Loyal statue

Here’s LRN2 performing his interpretation of the former statue in the fountain at the Henry Miller estate on Mt. Madonna. Part of my famous Camping series. Also an honorary part of my famous Statue series.

I have lots of Great Art in the queue all of a sudden, including some very good work from Loyal Readers Numbers One and Five. That’s definitely a good problem to have. Some people may not realize how much work it takes to create Great Art.

Not much to report today. My brother-in-law Ken came over for a visit this evening, which is always a welcome event. He had a meeting in the area, apparently. Gave us a copy of a recent book, which was very kind.

LRN1 is working on his summer work plan, thus maximizing the likelihood of success. Good luck, LRN1! Do something useful.

There’s a tiny bit of toilet news today: they’re apparently being outlawed in Sweden. At least in public.

See you tomorrow.

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