Brown horse

Here’s a gallant steed. Picture taken on the Great America carousel and part of my famous Statue series.

Fine day. I worked fewer hours than usual because of a stake assignment, as discussed previously. I have another identical assignment tomorrow night. Looking forward to it. I’m making callings like crazy right now.

Otherwise, commuted, worked, commuted, did stake work, came home, ate, blogged, went to bed ( in a few minutes).

Lots of activity in the comments these days – thanks! A few comments on the comments:

LRN3 has a great summer job idea. I think there’s opportunity for all the college-based Loyal Readers there. Sounds like kind of a freelance thing to me.

LRN5’s glowing worm report is heartening progress in my lifelong search for a glowing snake. Thanks for that encouraging word.

I suggest that LRN4 look more carefully in the lower left-hand corner of the Apple TV/Boxee Great Art. LRN5’s definitely there.

Thanks again for commenting! It makes me feel like someone is actually reading my timeless prose, if not actually enjoying it.

There’s a little bit of toilet news today: Stop, then go. Words to live by.

See you tomorrow.

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