Another baptism

Here’s LRN1 with his companion, a recently-baptized new member of the church, and a relative of that recently-baptized new member.  Not that I can’t remember any of their names, of course.  That’s LRN1 over there on the left, next to the relative.  Congratulations to all involved!  Part of my famous Guatemala series.

Wow.  It’s been quite a long time since I’ve written.  And there’s actually not that much new to talk about.  Let me think a minute here.  Nope, nothing comes to mind.  Been working, sleeping, eating, commuting, and doing a bit of iPhone programming.  That about covers it.

We have our tickets for the trip to Michigan during the Memorial Day holiday week.  We leave the Thursday before Memorial Day and return home the Thursday after.  Got a pretty good deal on the flights.  LRN4 did all the work, which I appreciate.

Oh, my Suburban was broken into sometime during this past weekend.  All they did was throw four rocks through the driver’s door window.  Didn’t get into the truck, didn’t open anything, didn’t steal anything.  Not that there was anything to steal, of course.  I don’t leave junk in my cars.  I don’t leave good stuff in my cars either, come to think of it.  Anyway, I had the window replaced on Monday morning, which was good, since it rained a bit on Monday afternoon.  There was glass everywhere inside that truck!  The window guy vacuumed up as much of it as he could, but there are still tiny shards of the stuff everywhere.  Our insurance company has authorized me to have the interior detailed to try to get it back into its previous glass-free condition.  They vandals also broke the power mirror switch on the driver’s door – presumably, a rock fell on it – so I need to take it somewhere to have that replaced as well.  Sometime in the near future, hopefully.  Very sad experience.  But it’s just a thing anyway.

Speaking of which, we have numerous friends and neighbors who have had their houses broken into lately.  I wonder if it’s related to the appalling economic conditions here in Lardville or just a sign of the times.  Either way, we’re feeling very fortunate that they only vandalism target we’ve had is the Suburban and not the house.

Today’s my brother Chris’s birthday.  Happy birthday, Chris!  He’s fifty years old now.  He told me he’s taking the same Mexico cruise in May that we took last year.  I expect he’ll have a great time, as we did.

My sister Julie’s birthday was the 12th.  Happy birthday, Julie!  I haven’t gotten to talk with her, sadly.  It’s already too late to talk to people on Eastern Time when I get home from work, and it’s tough to call her during the day.  I need to call for a very belated birthday greeting this weekend.

Speaking of the weekend, we’re scheduled to go see Madame Butterfly on Friday the 29th.  Should be fun, in spite of past less-than-stellar performances by our local opera company.  At least they’re still operating, which is a whole lot more than you can say for some pretty well-known orchestras and opera folks.  Also, they’re quite cheap.  So there’s that too.

LRN2 has finished his first semester at BYU!  He did quite well, by all accounts, and I think he’s enjoying himself as well.  We’re really proud of him and his accomplishments.  He mentioned the other day that he finally actually misses playing the organ.  I knew it would happen.

I guess there were a few things to talk about after all.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife employment opportunity:  biting, scratching monkey!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Mark Says:

    Call. Paul. Now.

  2. michael Says:

    He’s a natural.

  3. Shannon Says:

    Glad to see that picture of Andy! Could you email it to me?

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