Here’s Henry Ford’s ammeter. Part of my famous machinery series. This one was taken in the Fairlane power house in Dearborn.

Busy weekend. We had stake conference, so I had Saturday meetings at 4:00 and 7:00, and then the Sunday general session at 10:00. Plus, Loyal Reader Number One graduated from Seminary at 3:30.

Loyal Reader Number Two also had a few friends over to swim, play games, eat dinner, and watch a movie Saturday afternoon and evening. They all seem to have had lots of fun.

Oh, and Loyal Readers Numbers Five, Six, and Twelve came over on Saturday afternoon. I saw them for only about half an hour, sadly. Fortunately, they’re coming back again next weekend.

Let’s see, did anything else happen? LRN2 and I worked on the sprinklers a little on Saturday – he had inadvertently hit one with the mower and he needed to learn how to replace them on his own. I think he’s got the skillz now. Yo.

We picked up the truck Saturday morning. The new (and free, of course) brakes and rotors seem fine. I need to tow the trailer soon to confirm they won’t overheat and fade this time.

I also published a brief and relatively uninteresting report of our March trip to Big Sur over on the HRVA. Check it out! If you enjoy brief and uninteresting reports, that is.

There’s still more to publish. We went camping at Caswell State Park in April, so that needs to get on the HRVA. There have also been a few software/hardware projects recently that ought to get on Gardenville. Such as the BMP viewer (Mac software) and LRN1’s Mac/Arduino Morrowlife comment counter. All of them have potential for further expansion, but I think they’re already publishable.

We had another power outage at work late this afternoon. It only lasted a few minutes, but that was plenty to kill some hardware in the lab. I had to leave to catch the train, so I won’t know how bad it was until tomorrow. Cross your fingers, Loyal Readers.

It’s events like that that make me glad I have a laptop. My machine’s display went down, but everything was still normal when the power came back up.

Let’s see, gotta keep the Loyal Readers happy. Is there any controversy I can get involved in? Hmmm . . . can’t think of any. The presidential contest went way beyond ludicrous for me a long time ago. I couldn’t care less whose preacher is an idiot (answer: all of them except for Hillary’s, who has no preacher and indeed no identifiable religious beliefs except when her husband is in trouble again – come to think of it, none of them have any identifiable religious beliefs unless they need a photo op – which makes me wonder what the heck Obama was thinking when he chose his particular vanity church – I can only conclude he has absolutely no sense of what the American people consider to be crazy talk) or how many delegates which candidate has or which grievance group supports who. I also have no interest in the ginned-up-by-the-press economy problems or the imaginary global warming crisis.

No, I guess I just have no controversial opinions to air today.

See you tomorrow.

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