Here’s the amphitheater at Anthony Chabot Regional Park. Looks nice. Sadly, this year’s evening programs are long since over. I guess people just aren’t enthusiastic about going to campfire programs when it’s 47 degrees out. Picture part of my famous Camping series.

Yet another Short Shrift day. There just doesn’t seem to be enough time. At least my normal Thursday evening meeting was canceled. So that’s something.

I’m pretty tired again tonight. It’s been an exceptionally busy week meeting-wise, and I need to rest. It’s as if I hadn’t just slept in every morning of a five-day weekend. Sigh.

On the upside, it’s better than unemployment. But not as good as self-employment. Some day.

We’ve been trying to decide whether to buy a new car. On the one hand, it’s great not to have any payments on most of the cars. On the other hand, some of them are getting worrisomely old. One of the most popular ideas out there right now is to replace both Loyal Reader Number Four’s car and the Suburban with a new Burb (or equivalent). I would drive the truck as my primary car and LRN4 would take my Honda. I would have the Miata as my going-to-work car if I wanted to drive.

There are plusses and minuses to the plan. Still don’t know whether I’m enthusiastic about anything out there. Including the BMW 3-series I drove. Sigh. When I can’t even get excited about a Bimmer, I really worry. And the deals I’ve seen at the dealers haven’t been as exciting as the news people are trying to get you to believe.

Any advice, Loyal Readers?

Christmas list update: Pretty much anything on this list. Especially the dogfighting helicopters. And the Nerf cannon. A more personal list is coming, no later than this weekend.

I don’t know whether to share today’s shocking toilet news or the even more shocking food attack news. Which do you find most shocking, Loyal Readers?

Too many links. Time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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