Another picker

Here’s Loyal Reader Number One having at that cherry tree. It appears he didn’t get the full “in the tree” experience like Loyal Reader Number Two did. Too bad for him.

Nothing to report today. I got up, commuted, worked, commuted, ate dinner, and here I am.

I’ve been watching the seventh season of Home Improvement. Loyal Reader Number Six loaned me his entire collection, consisting of seasons one through eight – the entire show. I’ve never seen any of the shows before, and I’ve generally enjoyed them. Until season number seven. I think they’ve run out of scripts. They’re obviously trying to be “edgy,” but it turns out to just be “stupid.” And of course they’re tackling The Issues. Very disappointing. Shut up and sing, guys. I’m expecting Tim to waterski-jump over a giant shark (link warning: video and sound of Fonzie actually jumping over a shark) any minute now. Sheesh.

Anyway. I’ve moved on to much better things iPod-wise: I’m now in the middle of Attack of the Giant Leeches. Now that’s good entertainment. I’d love to see the MST3K version.

Wait a minute – I think I found a copy. I’ll let you know later.

Time for peppermint ice cream. See you tomorrow.

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