Arriving spacecraft


Here’s the spacecraft for my second ILS launch arriving at Baikonur in October, 2000. I was already there for my first launch, which took place a few days after this spacecraft arrived. It was summertime when we got to Baikonur – very hot and dry – and winter by the time we left – very, very cold. This picture was taken sometime in between. Great Art courtesy of my junky old first digital camera and part of my famous Machinery series.

Pretty good couple of days. We stopped giving LRN4 her Micafungin today. I still need to flush her lines daily, of course, but we’re saving a bunch of time now by giving her anti-fungal pills. Fortunately, I had saved our previous prescription, so we just dug it out of the Island of Lost Prescriptions and started using it again. LRN4’s feeling pretty good and doing very well. Her fever is gone now. She bought a really cool, really effective [amazon text=thermometer&asin=B004T6G550] today. I played with it for a while and like it a lot, including taking her temperature a few times. So I’m quite sure she’s back to normal. Thermometer: recommended.

Also took my own temperature several times. No fever. Thanks for asking.

By the way, I’m sure my Loyal Readers know that if they click through to Amazon from my blog and buy all their Christmas presents, I get a small kickback. Not that I’m encouraging anybody to do anything, of course. Not at all. Nope. I don’t even like money.

Got my app for LRN23 done tonight except for two things: the icons and testing the algorithms. Hopefully, that’ll get done in the next day or two and we can submit the app. Then I’m back to the medical app’s documentation, which needs to have its first draft completed by the end of this month. I also need to look at promotional materials for the February conference sometime this month. Plenty to do.

I really enjoy iOS programming. It just makes me feel good to develop an app and then see it work. And it’s even better when people actually download it, use it, and like it.

Speaking of which, my Common Core Classroom app has now been downloaded 87 times. That’s not a lot yet, but it’s a start. The great thing about iOS apps is that they just keep selling on their own. Of course, I’m working on doing some marketing, but it’s making a tiny bit of progress all on its own. Cool.

I’ve started listening to Christmas music! I love this time of year. We’re decorating the house tomorrow. Can’t wait.

And I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: protesting sheep!

See you on Monday.

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