ATV lake

Here’s a pretty little lake we stopped at on the way back to the ship from our ATV ride. We put the water to good use on our faces.

Another Extreme Short Shrift day today. I just got busy.

Fortunately, tomorrow’s my off Friday, so there will be time to get some things done, including possibly blogging more than a paragraph. Also, the Suburban’s brakes will be (re)done, two or more of the Sable’s tires will be replaced, the Sable will be aligned, and the Miata’s tires may or may not be replaced, depending on how worn out they look tomorrow morning. Plus, I have to write my talk for Sunday and do a few other church-related things.

Otherwise, not much on my plate.

I have more horrifying food violence news: the Big German Baked Bean Ripoff. The depravity continues.

See you tomorrow.

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    Missed Friday's blog.

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