Back yard – Sept 4, 2011


Here are Shannon and me in the back yard of our house in Manteca in September 2011. Just a few months before we went back to Pennsylvania. We had no idea we’d be leaving our house there so soon. It was a great place to live, although it was very expensive and it was way too far away from my work. But I loved that place. Great Art courtesy of my old Olympus camera and possibly taken by Katie or maybe using the tripod and its self-timer, and part of my famous Shannon and Garden series.

My life was so good then. Our lives were so good, I mean. Some struggles, certainly, but comparatively very good.

A bit of a tough day today. As I reported yesterday, I had sinus problems all day yesterday. Shortly after finishing this post, I suddenly got a terrible chill. I checked my temperature and it was at about 99.5 degrees. Not massively bad, but the chills were terrible! I got into bed under my electric blanket turned up way high and with a heavy quilt over that. This arrangement was warm enough until the fever finally broke sometime during the night, at which time I threw the quilt on the floor and turned off the electric blanket. When I woke up, I still didn’t feel all that great, so I canceled today’s exercise session and slept on the couch and then back in bed until about 1:00 this afternoon. After that, I felt pretty good. The right side of my head is hurting again this evening. After I finish with this blog post, I’ll take another Mucinex and a couple of Tylenols and get to sleep. Let’s hope I’m feeling better tomorrow.

In defense of my allergy theory, the weather suddenly changed yesterday and today from warm and still to cooler and windy. So I still think it was the demon dust.

Did a tiny bit of work today – looked for a meeting room where we can hold a PhotoDoc training session in October. I think there are several good choices, depending on how much we want to spend, which will be influenced at least partially by how much we want to charge. I’ve asked John to check with some associates to see if my initial price proposal is in line with expectations.

Made another strawberry-banana smoothie this afternoon. They’re so good!

In the evening, the older John (young John’s father, of course) dropped in to see us. He’s in town for a couple days, so he took Mark and me to dinner. We went to a very good Indian restaurant not too far from the hospital. Enjoyed the food and they company. Thanks for the visit and meal, John!

During dinner, John and I were talking about recent events. I mentioned something about being widowed being very different from being divorced, specifically that there is no anger or hurt feelings involved, although I still have plenty of regrets. Shannon and I talked about that a while ago and she forgave every injury and asked me to live guilt-free. That’s a tall order, but I’m trying. John mentioned he discovered something I also learned from counseling other couples in the past – whenever I’m inclined to think I wasn’t much of a good husband, I can reflect on some of the truly horrible husbands I’ve known and give myself a grade of at least a B. Good point, John.

And that’s about all that happened today. Back to the gym tomorrow morning – we must keep up the momentum!

I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: paratrooper mouse!

See you tomorrow.

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