Bear fountain

Here’s the famous Detroit Zoo bear fountain.  Great Art taken this summer at the Detroit Zoo and part of my famous Statue and Vacation series.

Extreme short shrift.  As usual.  It’s already just about 10:00 and tomorrow is a work Friday (boo!). (I mean yea!)

Stayed home from work today.  Wasn’t feeling well.  For the last day and a half, our water purifier at work has been on the fritz, so I’ve been drinking tap water.  I’ve always firmly believed in the complete safety of tap water – heck, it’s tested and bottled water isn’t.  So it has a much better chance of being completely safe to drink, right?

Well, maybe that is right.  Maybe something else did it.  All I know is that I drank work tap water for a day and a half and I got REAL sick for a day and a half.  By mid-morning today I was feeling pretty much fine.  So I’m off work’s tap water from now on.  Just in case.

Worked anyway – just at home.  I probably got more done in less time than usual, but let’s not jump to conclusions.

I also got some LDS Tools work done.  Also read part of my book, watched a couple episodes of Mythbusters, a couple of Futurama, and one of Dilbert.  Good old Netflix streaming.  I’m not happy about their outrageous price increase and I’m definitely worried about their recent inability to negotiate contracts with content providers (and don’t even get me started about the Hollywood Luddites who can’t figure out that their environment has changed), but I’m not cutting off my nose to spite my face.  I’m keeping both streaming and my one-disk-at-a-time service.  Always willing to have another look at it, though.  I just wish Amazon on-demand streaming worked on my new Apple TV.  Maybe it will, eventually.  Since I became a Prime customer, it’s free!  Well, at least it’s paid-for, anyway.

Happy birthday to LRN16!  Had a nice long talk with her today.  She’s doing well!

And I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: runaway elephant!

See you tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Bear fountain”

  1. Shannon Says:

    Maybe they read “The Seals on the Bus” and thought they were invited to a party!

  2. Shannon Says:

    I’m waiting for the great art from the pops picnic!

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