Here are Loyal Readers Numbers One and Two in front of the Detroit Zoo’s famous bear statue, now a part of my famous Statue series. The bears are on the right. Picture taken this afternoon.

Greetings from Detroit! Well, from Royal Oak, anyway. We arrived – only two hours late – at about 2:00 this morning. Stayed up talking until 4:30 or so and finally got to bed. Everybody’s a little sleepy this evening.

The plane from Chicago was delayed nearly two hours because of a problem with the cabin lighting system. They had a tech in there fiddling with it for quite a while. The lights would dim, go off, and come back on. Over and over again. I imagine he thought it might start working right if he just turned them on and off enough times. Finally, he signed them off and we were on our way.

Watched a bunch of Chris on Camera shows on the iPod while we were waiting. Also saw Voyage to the Planet of Prehistoric Women. I had downloaded that one from the Internet Archive, I believe. It’s an old Soviet Russian science fiction movie that was poorly dubbed into English. It was (unintentional) ridiculous nonsense from beginning to end. Recommended, but you won’t want to see it more than once. Trust me. At least it’s free.

Went to the zoo today, as you know. The weather was cool and cloudy, and it had been raining earlier. Perfect weather for hanging around outside. We wore sweaters and had a great time. We’re off to the Henry Ford Museum tomorrow, which was one of our three objectives for the trip. The others being Greenfield Village and visiting with family (link warning: this is perhaps the most unreadable website I have ever seen – proceed at your vision’s own risk). So far, so good.

Time for bed. See you tomorrow.

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