Belkin frustration

I’m a little bit frustrated with my Belkin routers tonight. I have two of them, with one on my main computer desk acting as a router/firewall/wireless access point. The other is by Shannon’s computer and is configured only as an access point. This gives me much better signal strength throughout the house.

There’s trouble tonight, though. After waiting for far too long, I tried to enable WAP encryption of my wireless network. I can turn it on in both routers’ menus, but I can’t get them to talk to each other. If I unplug the access point, I can enable WAP in other computers on the network and it works fine. But for some reason, I can’t make the access point do WAP. It says it does WAP, I can set it up to do WAP, but it doesn’t talk to the main router. Very frustrating. I’m going to do a web search and see if anybody else has had the problem.

Later – No luck online yet. The only thing I really learned there is that Belkin routers don’t have much of a reputation. I may be facing the choice of staying unencrypted or buying routers from a different company.

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