Big Sur surf

Here’s a wave breaking near the beach at Big Sur, California. Great Art courtesy of my late, lamented Olympus camera, taken in March 2008 at Big Sur, and part of my famous Camping series.

No posts for a few days. I was working like a dog on the iOS app. Of course, most dogs work by eating, sleeping, and doing various extremely rude things all day. Other dogs pull sleds, bring brandy to stranded skiers, sniff out drugs at the airport, guide the blind, or chase down bad guys. I’ll leave it to my Loyal Readers to decide which kind of dog I work like.

In any case, my dog-like efforts seem to have paid off. I submitted the iOS app last night! Finally! For the most part, I’m really proud of it. As with pretty much anything of this type, I can think of several things I should have done differently. Maybe I’ll fix some of them in a later release, maybe it won’t seem necessary. But I certainly hope enough teachers find it useful enough that they’re willing to part with three dollars to have it. And I hope they use it and show it to their friends. Who also buy it. And I become filthy rich while helping teachers comply with the Common Core State Standards.

Don’t worry, Loyal Readers. When I become filthy rich, I’ll remember you. I probably won’t share any of the money, but I’ll definitely remember you.

Anyway. Now I’m on to my next project – the medical forensics PC program. Much more about that one later.

And now for the thing all my Loyal Readers are really here for – LRN4’s condition. She’s doing very well indeed today. She had a lot more energy today than in recent days. I don’t really know why, but I’m certainly happy about it. She even felt good enough today to go to Costco with me and to bake a couple loaves of very delicious bread. She took a little nap this afternoon and she’s at the quarterly homeowners association meeting as I write this. She was elected to the board a few months ago, but this is her first meeting, since we were at the City of Hope for the previous one. I’m really pleased she has enough energy for all those things today.

She had her last day of IV-administered chemo yesterday, so we’re hoping her energy level picks up again soon. Although that’s a little less likely because she’s still taking the oral chemo medication. Actually, our doctor informed us yesterday that the two drugs she’s been receiving aren’t technically chemotherapy, in the sense that they don’t attack and kill fast-growing cells in general – they’re both targeted drugs that are hopefully getting the bad cells and leaving at least some of the good cells alone.

Which may explain why LRN4’s blood counts are so good.  Both her platelets and red cells are doing very well indeed – she hasn’t needed a transfusion in several days, and the counts have actually been going up. Her white cell count is very low, of course, but even it isn’t as low as it has been. While pretty much everything makes us nervous these days, our doctor seemed to think her counts were very good news. Her weight loss may have at least stabilized over the last few days and other Nexavar-related side effects seem to be fairly minimal. She’d love to quit taking the Nexavar, which is supposed to continue for the rest of this month, I believe, but our doctor talked her into continuing it for as long as she can tough it out, as he really believes it has a pretty good chance of making a difference for her. So she’s gritting her teeth and staying on it for now. We can re-evaluate every week or so if things get significantly worse than they are right now.

And that’s about all the LRN4 news for today. She’s having good days and bad days, but she’s staying tough. Her ability to handle this disease is awe-inspiring.

Happy birthday to my brother-in-law Ken! What a great guy he is.

And I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: exploding rhubarb chutney!

See you tomorrow.

3 Responses to “Big Sur surf”

  1. Shannon Says:

    You’ve always hated rhubarb–although it sounds as if this chutney should definitely be avoided!

  2. katie Says:

    “If I had been standing in the way, it would probably have killed me.” I think you’ve actually said that about rhubarb before…

  3. michael Says:

    You just can’t be too careful around rhubarb.

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