Here’s LRN1 trying out his new mission transportation.  Or not.  I suspect they’ll be sticking with the bus for the time being.  Even though one of their two mission vehicles was stolen recently.  I believe I heard tell it was full of missionaries’ luggage at the time, so a few people had a bit of shopping to do afterwards as well.  I imagine the church will eventually replace the missing vehicle.  Part of my famous Guatemala series.

More Great Art should be on the way soon.  We’re going camping to a new place during the Fourth of July week.  Well, we actually did camp there a couple of years ago, just not in that particular campground.  We’ll be in a commercial campground right across the street from the entrance to Calaveras Big Trees State Park.  We camped in the state park once; it was beautiful.  But there are no hookups there, alas.  There are pretty much no hookups in any of the California state parks.  Double alas.  We’re hoping this campground is reasonably pretty and nice, and there are several nice places nearby for day visits.  So I hope to get some Great Art there, and then there’s the family reunion at the Grand Canyon at the end of July.  That ought to be good for at least a few weeks’ worth.

No post yesterday.  Thanks to Anon for noticing.

I’ve got to do something about the comments section.  On the old blog, I had them on the main page, directly below each post.  On the new blog, you have to click to see them.  Not very social.  I’ll find a way to fix it.  Lots of work to do still.

Got up, commuted, ate, worked, ate, worked, commuted, ate, and blogged.  Nothing exciting.

I will note, though, that I’ve finally started making progress on the Mitt Romney book, No Apology.  I’ve stuck it in my briefcase and am spending about an hour a day on it now.  I’ll finish it within a couple of days, I expect.  I’m quite enjoying it and agree with the principles he outlines.  I don’t know if he’ll ever get a chance to act on them, but maybe just getting them out there will influence some people.

The problem with my train commute right now is that I have way more media to consume than I will ever get to.  Don’t quite know what to do about it.  I’ve been jettisoning podcasts I don’t really like, but there’s still just way too much of it.  Even listening to it at a rate of three to four hours a day.

And then there are all the podcasts I subscribed to when we first got rid of cable.  Many of them are really cool, but I’m not watching them at all.  I probably have 1500 individual video podcast episodes on disk, all of which I really want to watch.  Plus there are all the Get Smart, Hogan’s Heroes, F Troop, IT Crowd, and Big Bang Theory episodes I have saved up.  Not to mention ten seasons of Top Gear.  And there’s more coming all the time.  I love having all the selection, but I don’t know how I’ll ever watch it all.  Don’t have to, I suppose.

Also bought a new book yesterday – a programming one.  It’s a tutorial-type book on Qt, the GUI tool described in a recent post.  I have high hopes.  I spent the money my in-laws sent me for my birthday, plus a bit more.  Books have gotten outrageously expensive these days, especially technical ones.

I need to start getting serious about this coming Sunday’s sacrament meeting talk.  The topic is something about families, which leaves open quite a lot of territory.  I’ll try to print some source material on Friday evening or Saturday morning and spend some time Saturday afternoon preparing.  Don’t want to leave it to Sunday, just in case the family decides to gather ’round and celebrate Father’s Day in some tremendous way.  I can always hope.

Have a church meeting tomorrow night, which could go quite late, so there may be no post.  On the other hand, I may not be needed at all and will be able to leave after about 15 minutes.  So we’ll see.  Don’t get your hopes of a morrowlife-free Thursday up too high.

And I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting employment opportunity: TV-watching monkey.  In this difficult economy, the morrowlife employment agency is looking out for you.

See you tomorrow.

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