Birthday girl

Here’s LRN12 on her birthday.  Well, actually I think it may have been close to her birthday.  What difference does it make?  She got her presents and cake.  What a cutie.

Quick post tonight.  I missed a whole week there while LRN4 and I were out of town and there’s lots to talk about, but its already getting a bit late and I still have lots to accomplish tonight.

Let’s talk about that first, shall we?  Need to assemble LRN4’s new office chair.  She got it at Costco today, using our annual Executive membership rebate coupon.  Cool!

I also need to start disassembling the footstool that goes with my new thinking sofa.  We got it (for free) from a friend.  It’s a bit (well, a lot, actually) stained, so LRN4 has decided to recover it.  I need to take the lid off of the footstool, which has a pretty large amount of storage inside it.  Then she can get to work.

We also need to coordinate our calendars.  And that’s about it tonight.

Had a great week last week.  We went to Salt Lake City for my iPhone development training class, which I greatly enjoyed.  I think it was quite useful, although it would have been even more useful if I had zero experience.  It was definitely at the 101 level.  I was one of the least experienced iPhone programmers there, and at least the first half of the week was too simple for me.  But it was still worth going to.  A whole week of Appley goodness.

One of the other really good things about it was getting to know the church’s iPhone programming team, who I’ve been working with for these last several months.  Nice people, all of them.  And quite talented.  Plus fun to be around.  I like them all.

Another of the volunteers in the class was a guy I knew way back when we lived in San Diego.  He’s still there and it turns out that he’s one of the major volunteers – very experienced and talented.  It was great getting back in touch.

We took LRN2 out to dinner a couple of times, and also took him to the Salt Lake Auto Show on Friday night, which was fun.  He’s doing great – better than he thinks, I suspect. He’s meeting people, working hard, and having a nice time at school.  We really miss him.

Also enjoyed staying with the in-laws again, of course.  They’re really hospitable people and lots of fun to be with.

Time for other things.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this encouraging food anti-violence news: seeing meat!  Note that this is totally different from seeing people as meat.

See you tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Birthday girl”

  1. Mark Says:

    I know I always feel less aggressive when I see meat. There’s generally plenty to go around!

  2. Shannon Says:

    I know a lot of women who feel sick when they see raw meat. Wonder what the scientists would make of that?

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