Breakfast scene


Here’s LRN4’s partially-eaten Labor Day 2013 breakfast. I think that was the best waffle recipe I’ve ever tried. They were light, fluffy, and delicious. On the downside, they were made with yeast and required an hour to rise. But it was worth it. Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam, taken on Monday morning, and part of my famous Food and Las Vegas series.

Oh, and check out that nice little pile of pills there hiding behind the [amazon asin=B00CHUK8IA&text=Cool Whip]. She’s taking them by the handful these days.

No posts for a few days. I hope my Loyal Readers haven’t been too worried about us. I’ve just been working on my app. LRN4 is doing fairly well. She appears to have stopped losing weight since she stopped taking all the chemo drugs. For a few days, anyway.

Let’s see, the last post was on Wednesday. On Thursday, we went to the City of Hope for LRN4’s bone marrow biopsy and to see our doctor there. The visit went well and the biopsy was less painful than the last couple have been. We got the news on Friday that while the leukemic cells have been greatly reduced, they’re not completely gone yet, so we’re moving forward with another round of chemo this week. LRN4 had the first dose this morning. She went off the Nexavar on Thursday as well, but is back on it today, albeit at half the previous dosage. It’s kind of doing brutal things to her, but it just might save her life, so we’re sticking with it. Don’t know when she can quit that one again. The good news about this week’s chemo is that the leukemia is sufficiently weakened that the California doc decided to shorten the course from ten down to five days. We’ll take any break we can get.

The extreme weight loss has made LRN4 pretty weak, a bit unsteady on her feet, and kind of shaky. We’re exploring opportunities to help her gain the weight back, including the dreaded Ensure and/or Boost products. She’s been very reluctant to take those because she hates how they taste, but we’re kind of running out of options. She really needs to get as much strength back as she can. So we got three different samples today and she’ll start trying them out tomorrow.

Otherwise, all systems are go, our spirits are relatively high, and we’re pressing forward regardless.

LRN2 is home! He hitched a ride with LRN4’s brother and his wife, who came to visit us on Friday. They stayed until Sunday morning, along with LRN29 and her husband. So all four siblings were here. It was a fun visit.

But my favorite part of all that is that LRN2 is here. He’s looking really good and sounding really good. We’re working on some medical care for him and hoping to improve his employment prospects again. There’s something out there for him – I’m sure of that. Welcome home, LRN2!

I’m really making progress on the app. There are still several bugs and a couple of features I need to add before it ships, but it’s getting really close. I’d say it’s definitely beta quality now and rapidly approaching releasability. LRN31 has provided extremely helpful feedback and is evangelizing the app among her teaching friends. Thanks, LRN31! You’re definitely getting a free copy when it’s released.

And it’s quite late yet again, so I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: lock-picking cockatoo!

See you tomorrow.

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