Bus preacher

Here’s LRN1 on a city bus in Guatemala, preachin’. On a bus. Go unto all the world, you know. Good work, LRN1! Part of my famous Guatemala series.

Missed a day or two there at the end of last week. Sorry about that. Fortunately, nothing happened. Not much, anyway. Let’s see if we can remember anything, shall we?

Ummm . . . Thinking . . . Still thinking . . . Oh, yeah. I prepared a talk and gave it on Sunday. Went pretty well. Oh, and we also celebrated LRN4’s birthday, which was fun. LRN5 came over, brought gifts, and made some good food. We enjoyed her company. And we really enjoyed LRN12’s week-long visit. She and her mom headed for home this morning.

And I’m sure I did a whole bunch of other stuff. Just can’t remember it right now.

Anyway. It’s LRN4’s birthday today (happy birthday, LRN4!) and we’re spending our home evening activity time watching The Rocketeer, one of our favorite old (but not too old) movies. The disc is a little dirty or scratched or something, so we’re having a few problems with it, but we’re hoping to muddle through to the end. LRN2’s working on cleaning it right now. Optimism reigns.

And I’ll leave you with this tragic toilet news: watch who you shake hands with.

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    Maybe there is a time and place for using one's phone.

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