Cabo hotel

Here’s a hotel in Cabo. I liked the colors. Taken during our recent Mexican cruise (duh).

Wonders of Blogger. I missed posting on Tuesday (scouting meeting) and Wednesday (no excuse), so I can’t miss Thursday. It’s off Friday today, so there’s time.

Not much to report, though. So let’s stop pretending it’s Thursday and talk about Friday instead.

It’s cold today! The official temperature is 53 degrees at a little after 2:00 in the afternoon, and it’s windy as all heck and raining. Not a great day to be outside.

Which is fine with me – I’ve been getting a lot of computer-type stuff cleaned up and fixed up, as well as some reading for my calling. I need to get out there and clean the pond filter and fix a broken sprinkler pipe, but those things are going to have to wait until tomorrow. Which is the first day of General Conference, but I ought to be able to work them in anyway.

So it’s a nice day to stay bundled up inside. We’re so cold, LRN4 even turned the heater back on. Which is pretty extreme for April around here. I was thinking of spending a little time in the spa this evening, but it might even be too chilly for that. We’ll have to see.

Okay week at work. It appears that all of my soon-to-be-rolled-off people have now found jobs, with the exception of the one who went to another company and the one who was already laid off. I’m delighted to not have any more layoffs to do.

LRN4 wants to go to Kohl’s today, but not until after 3:00 when the daily super-duper sale is in full swing. She got ten bucks’ worth of free stuff there for buying a bunch of groceries the other day. She doesn’t know what she wants to get yet, so we might have to browse around a bit. She also needs to make a trip to Costco, so the afternoon should be eventful. In the meantime, LRN2 went to San Francisco with his friend Josh and Josh’s mom. They went to a comics convention(?!) and they’re also watching a movie made by Josh’s brother. Sounds like fun. I hope he took a jacket, though.

And that’s about all the news today, so I’ll leave you with this shocking food violence news: beef jerky theft.

See you tomorrow (today).

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  1. Shannon Says:

    I guess that's quite a habit to keep up with–maybe it would drive one to scamming 7-11's.

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