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Here’s LRN1 preparing for a college game of Capture the Flag or something.  He took it very seriously indeed.  I don’t think he lost.  Note the attire of his competitors there in the background.  They weren’t taking it nearly seriously enough.  Great Art courtesy of an unnamed friend of LRN1, taken in June of 2012, and part of my famous Event series.

By the way, I can just barely see LRN1 in that picture.  How about you?

Okay day today.  We spent most of it at the clinic.  In the morning, they took LRN4’s blood and gave her her daily dose of Micafungin.  By the time that was done, they had the blood test results back and decided she needed some platelets to prepare for the afternoon’s treatment.  They gave her the cells and took more blood to find out if her level was high enough.  It wasn’t quite there, so they ordered some more platelets.  We waited, they came, they infused them, they took more blood, and they wanted us to wait another half hour for the results.  Sadly, we were about 50 minutes away from our afternoon appointment, so we told them we needed to grab some lunch and promised to come back for the results.

Oh, in the meantime, the blood test results also told them LRN4’s white cells were below the safe level, so they gave her some neupogen.  That’s the same stuff they gave her sister to prepare for the transplant.  Not a problem – the doctor predicted she’d need it and says it’s completely normal for the white cell count to go way up post-transplant and then drop again.  Neupogen is the way they treat that condition.

We got our quick lunch and headed back to the clinic.  They still didn’t have the blood results, but they told us to go down to Radiology and promised the results would follow us shortly.  They did.  We were in Radiology for LRN4’s second spinal tap and chemo treatment.  It went very quickly and appears to have gone very well.  She spent about three hours flat on her back preventing a nasty post-spinal-tap headache.  Then we went home.

Not a difficult day, but a long one.

LRN4 was pretty drowsy when it was all over because they gave her something to prevent anxiety during the spinal tap.  She didn’t need help with anxiety, being a cool, calm, collected patient, but they gave it to her anyway.  Afterward, they told us she didn’t have to have taken it, so I suspect she’ll refuse it next time.

Anyway, she was drowsy, so I made dinner.  Scary, huh?  We had Polish sausage, potatoes, and carrots with a little cottage cheese and applesauce salad on the side.  Delicious.  And not difficult at all.  Thanks for choosing an incredibly easy one today, LRN4!

LRN8 called and left me a message yesterday.  Hoped to call her back this morning after clinic, but that plan evaporated.  Would have called her back this afternoon, but ditto that plan.  There was zero phone reception where we were.  So I’ll try tomorrow.  Sorry, LRN8!  Can’t wait to chat.

Got a tiny bit of work done today, but nothing really significant because of the aforementioned clinic visits.  Tomorrow, hopefully.

And I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: cheese smuggling!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. katie Says:

    Sounds like a loooong day. Nice job making dinner! I hope #4 is feeling better in the morning. I miss you guys.

  2. Shannon Says:

    LRN1 looks really ready for something!–I’m just not sure what! It was a long day. We miss you too, Katie.

  3. Paul Says:

    There’s no such thing as taking capture the flag too seriously! Victory at any cost!

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