Camp dinner

Here’s the beginning of a terrific meal at our most recent campout. This little fireplace has all the hallmarks of a CCC project. It was pretty cool. Except when it was pretty warm.

My brother-in-law Ken dropped by this evening. Apparently he had previously mentioned the visit to Loyal Reader Number Four, but his arrival was the first I had heard of it. We had a nice visit, as always. He travels a lot and always makes time to visit family and friends when he’s out, which I like.

Otherwise quiet day. Got up, got ready, went to work, worked, came home, visited with the BIL. I skipped my Wednesday evening meeting.

Tomorrow is my work potluckluncheon. I’m bringing pork barbeque on homemade Kaiser rolls. Ought to be great.

LRN4 and I have been invited to be on the panel for a parenting discussion at church at the end of the month. The choice was an obvious one – we’ve tried everything wrong already, so we must know what the right things are. Ought to be great.

See you tomorrow.

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