Candle blower

Here’s LRN2 blowing out his seventeen candles on Monday.  We had a nice little family party.  More fuzzy Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam.  That camera really doesn’t like low light.  But I like to push it, so there you have it.  Fuzzy photos.  Or is that fuzzy fotos?  Phuzzy photos?

Short Shrift tonight.  I got home from work relatively late and I have to get up relatively early.  Poor me.

Normal day, so not much to write home about.  I need to make a couple of church phone calls tomorrow or Friday night.  Lots of ’em, in fact.  Maybe it’ll happen on Saturday.  There just never seems to be any time on a work night.  My leader has expressed disappointment with my habit of communicating with the hordes via email and he wants me to make phone calls.  That can take some serious time, so it’ll have to wait until some serious time is available.  Whenever that is.

Started listening to the audiobook version of Jesus the Christ this evening.  The jury’s still out on the quality (of the recording, that is; the book’s amazing), but it’s a gazillion percent better than those incredibly boring people who do the audio version of the Ensign magazine.  Sorry folks.  I love the magazine, but I just can’t stay awake for that one, as much as I really want to and as hard as I try.  Put a little life into it!

And on that slightly sour note, I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: pancake swat!

See you tomorrow.

2 Responses to “Candle blower”

  1. Shannon Says:

    It IS indeed a very cool picture! The cake glows–was it radioactive?

  2. k8 Says:

    Phuzzy. Most definitely.

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