Here’s a nasty-looking piece of weaponry. Loyal Reader Number One took this picture at Alcatraz. I’m not sure what they planned on using it for. Cannons just aren’t much help at keeping prisoners under control.

Happy Friday the Thirteenth! Nothing bad happened to me today. I think it’s bad luck to believe in superstition. How was your day?

Well, another work week has come and gone. Today was a fine day. I spent some time in the lab, which I have been wanting to do for some time. We didn’t get anything accomplished, but I did learn some. Mostly, I learned that my people have been unfairly villified in the past by people who have sabotaged them pretty badly. I’m ready to fight back.

Good news about the Sable – it appears that yesterday’s garage floor puddle was just water. It’s gone today, so it certainly wasn’t oil. Nobody has any idea where the water came from, but we’ll just keep an eye out and go get the oil leak fixed next week.

More good news! Loyal Reader Number Four has an appointment for the Honda to get its windshield replaced next Friday.

Also, I have one more idea to try on the Miata’s overheating problem. I actually read yesterday’s blog link on this subject and think there’s an idea worth trying – apparently, there’s an “overflow” hose between the thermostat housing and the water pump. If that hose gets clogged, the thermostat doesn’t want to open until pressure really builds up behind it. Other people have reported behavior essentially identical to mine and cleaning out the overflow hose cured it. It still doesn’t explain why it only happens when I’m stopped in traffic, though. Maybe it’s because the thermostat can open partway under normal circumstances, which is enough to keep it cool when I’m moving but not enough for when I’m stopped.

But I still suspect the fans. Might as well eliminate one more possibility before it goes to the shop, though.

I took the 4:00 train today, which has wifi, so I’m actually typing this directly into Blogger on the train. If I can find some Great Art on this machine, I’ll actually post during the trip. There should be plenty of time – the conducter got on the loudspeaker and told us there’s some kind of problem with a train up ahead of us, and we’re going about two miles per hour right now. I’m not sure what the problem was because I was listening to Click and Clack on my iPod, but I don’t expect to be home on time.

Let’s see, what else is going on? The weekend should be pretty busy – I need to work on the Miata’s overheating problem, as mentioned above, build the screen around the air conditioner, swim, relax, wash a few cars, and probably do a bunch of cleaning in preparation for LRN4’s sister’s arrival on Monday.

Sunday’s projected meeting load is pretty low at this point. I ought to go home teach my two less-active people. We haven’t been able to find one couple for several months now, and I don’t know if they’ve moved or not. They had sold their house to a developer, so it’s entirely possible they’ve moved already. It doesn’t really look like they’re gone, but we certainly can’t find them. We also need to see the shirtless guy, who we really like. He lives in an old trailer that lost half of its electricity several months ago, and he hasn’t been able to find anybody to fix it. I’ve made arrangements for an electrician friend to go with me and work on it, so we need to get an appointment. I certainly wouldn’t like living in a half-dark house. He’s just been using extension cords to get light in the dark half, which would drive me absolutely bonkers. I hope we can help him.

Anyway. I think I’ll get back to the iPod now. See you on Monday!

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