Here’s a really cool Early American machine we saw at Greenfield Village – a wool carder.  I had no idea these things even existed.  It doesn’t look like something I’d like to get my arm stuck in.  Part of both my famous Machinery and Vacation series.

Extreme short shrift.  It’s really late and I should have been in bed about 45 minutes ago.  But I can find a couple minutes to blog.

Especially since I haven’t written at all this week yet.  Fortunately, not much news again this week.  LRN4 was set apart as Relief Society president on Sunday and she’s been pretty busy since then.  I’m still running at my normal speed.

Did I mention the blower on the spa broke again?  This time, the motor is dead – one of its brushes ground itself all the way down, and it didn’t look very easy to replace it.  So I decided to just buy another motor.  Good old Amazon had one available for about $230.  They also had the entire blower unit available for $212.  So I bought the whole thing.  It got here today and I suspect it’ll be installed by tomorrow.

Lots of other things to do this weekend.  Nothing really big, fortunately.  I need to wash all three cars, trim the lawn, fix the power button on the vacuum, do a bit of cleaning in the garage, straighten up my office at home, prepare my lesson for Sunday, and watch a whole bunch of technical videos I’ve discovered in the past week.  Seems like a pretty relaxing weekend, actually, especially since tomorrow is my off Friday.

Nothing else for tonight, so I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting food honor news:  meat hall of fame!

See you tomorrow.

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