Chabot beach

Here are Loyal Readers Numbers One, Two, and Four on the beach at Anthony Chabot Regional Park. Part of my famous Camping series.

Welcome to June. Ironically, it’s taken an unusually cool turn and we may have some rain before the week’s out. What happened to my global warning?

No, don’t get me started in that. Bunch of dopes.

Fine weekend. The campout was a success, if a little cool, weather-wise. I mentioned to LRN4 that we appear to be destined to camp in the cold this year. She suggested we may have found a new way to combat global warming.

Anyway. The park was pretty. It was supposed to have been quite full, although we didn’t really feel it. Our site was right at the beginning of the first loop, and we saw a lot of cars go in, but that was about all we saw of them.

We had full hookups, so we didn’t see any crowds at the showers, either.

Strangely, we saw more rental motorhomes there than we’ve probably ever seen anywhere else put together. We never figured out why, but there was plenty of speculation.

Had a cold but nice campfire the first night and spent the second playing games. Cooked in the crockpot, found a few geocaches, ate french fries at the marina store, watched people oil painting and fishing, and hiked around a little. Fully successful trip.

LRN1 is at an open-source software conference in San Francisco today, apparently sponsored and put on by Sun. We texted a little during the day, and he appears to be enjoying it even more than he expected. I’m looking forward to hearing about it.

He’s planning to stay a little while after the conference, for the after-conference party. Says he wants to see how geeks party. I’m not so sure he’ll like it. He said the general tenor of the crowd was somewhat adult and corporate, so it ought to be fairly sedate.

LRN2 has an article ready for Spinfo, which means the time to put up a framework for his content is here. Maybe tonight, maybe tomorrow. We’ll see how the times goes.

Things are otherwise quiet. Our friends the Taylors are coming over this evening to give us a delicious dessert, in honor of LRN4’s birthday. How kind! I’m looking forward to their visit.

Today’s toilet news: They’re highly prized items.

See you tomorrow.

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