Clock shop

Here’s another in my famous Workbench series. This is the watchmaker’s bench in the clock shop at Greenfield Village.

Wonders of Blogger. Luckily, it appears I’ve managed to beat my old pal Anon to the punch. As mentioned earlier, it was my off Friday. I had plenty of opportunities to blog, but somehow never found the time. The later evening was pretty well occupied, at least. Loyal Reader Number One was over at Loyal Reader Number Twenty-four’s house and Loyal Reader Number Two was at his friend Luke’s house for the night. Loyal Reader Number Four and I watched the first half of Herbie: Fully Loaded on Disney (moderately amusing), spent half an hour or so in the jacuzzi, and then came back inside and watched the second half of the movie, along with the latest episode of Psych (amusing). Then off to bed.

Slept in a little this morning and have actually gotten a little work done. We got the garage door insulation project done (finally!) in the early afternoon, after which I cleaned the pool filters while the other Loyal Readers cleaned up Loyal Pet Number One’s pooping grounds. Mine was certainly the more pleasant job. We also got the pool brushed and its water tested (it’s fine, thanks for asking), backwashed the pond’s filter, and fed the fellas. I was supposed to go visit someone with the missionaries, but they called and canceled just as I was supposed to be leaving, so we got in the car and went over and cleaned the church. Or at least part of it. We were the “pink” team. It went quickly. Oh, I also lightly updated our ward mission plan just before we left to clean the church. I had to send it out to somebody in the stake to use in some training tomorrow night.

It was a warmish (high 50’s, which isn’t really bad for mid-January), sunny day today. Perfect for all the outdoor things we needed to get done. We’re not supposed to get any more rain for several days, which ought to give the yard a chance to dry out.

Now I have a little bit of writing to do (this, to be specific) and then I’ll get back to studying my CSS book. Whew!

Have a great weekend. See you on Monday.

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