Here’s another artsy one. That was sure a productive photography day. Thanks to Readers Number One and Four for their excellent unrehearsed (not to mention unaware) posing work. All the Trier pictures are on my other computer, so look for more of them later.

I’m back from Germany/Luxembourg, one day early. Our meeting went so well that we finished late in the afternoon yesterday. We had a little banquet last night at the Bitburger Wirtshaus in Trier, which is a pretty good informal place. I had an excellent sampler plate with lots of traditional German meats, potatoes, and vegetables (some of which I actually ate).

Came home today in first class, so I can’t complain. I still have two more systemwide upgrades on United, so that wasn’t my last first-class trip. The traffic getting out of Washington and then through Baltimore was pretty heavy, and there was some light rain in Pennsylvania, but it was above freezing all the way home and I heard a lot of podcasts. Watched Shadow of the Thin Man and North by Northwest on my computer on the way home. The Thin Man movies are all major favorites of mine (not just for certain reasons), and North by Northwest goes down with several other Cary Grant movies as some of the classiest filmmaking ever.

I also finished Eniac during the trip. More on that tomorrow.

We delayed our March Paris trip into May. This is a good thing – I had too much travel scheduled this month. Time for bed. Hasta manana.

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