Conservatory ballroom

Here’s the ballroom in the conservatory at Longwood Gardens.  Just a humble little place to meet in a modest little 4-acre indoor garden.  That DuPont guy knew how to live.  Also, he could afford it.  Note the image on the projector – we were there during the Orchid Festival (or whatever they called it) and they were all over the place.  Beautiful.  Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam, taken during our springtime visit to Longwood Gardens, and part of my famous Machinery series.

I’m sure there’s some machinery in there somewhere.  The slide projector?  The chandeliers? Something else?  Maybe I need to come up with a new famous series or two.

More about Longwood below.

Lots going on.  The Las Vegas house project is moving forward!  LRN4 has been very busy picking options, we’ve been signing all kinds of stuff, and we’re about to send a pretty big check for the options that won’t be included in the mortgage.  Plus, they’ve done their digging in the dirt.  That wasn’t nearly as extensive as when we had our house in Virginia built, which actually included a basement.  In this case, they’ve kind of scraped it a little and put up concrete forms for the foundation.  Oh, well.  It’s still exciting!

I only wish I could be there to see it happening.  Or at least convince somebody to take some pictures for me.  I’m the boss.  Need the info.

The pace at work continues to pick up.  I’m pretty much running from morning until afternoon.  It’s fairly satisfying, but I think I could be satisfied with just a little less work.  Have to look into that.

LRN3 and LRN15 came to visit us this past weekend.  We had a very nice visit.  LRN3 is looking and sounding great!  So is LRN15, of course, but then she was always that way.

Had a pleasant birthday and Father’s Day.  We didn’t do much of anything either day, but that was how I wanted it.  Plus, we went to Longwood Gardens the day after my birthday for the exclusive evening show.  They were open until 11:00 and had some pretty cool indoor and outdoor lighting displays.  We saw almost everything and really enjoyed it.  It was a hot, muggy day, though and we were pretty sick of walking around by about 9:30, so we went home.  We hope to go back again sometime soon, though.  Great Art of the event coming Real Soon Now.

For LRN4’s birthday, I ordered her a new [amazon asin=0528006223&text=road atlas].  I ordered the 2012 edition, which never seemed to come, so I finally got curious and discovered that the 2013 version is already out.  I switched the order and it arrived yesterday.  She loves it!  Her old atlas was from about 1980.  A few roads have changed since then, so it was time.  Yes, I know road atlases are somewhat obsolete in this newfangled age of the GPS.  She likes having it anyway.  Not that she doesn’t trust our GPS receivers.  But she doesn’t.  Not really.

Tomorrow night – free tickets to a Phillies game.  The company is giving them away to employees, along with a very nice tailgate party.  We’re looking forward to it.  It’s supposed to be 97 degrees and humid tomorrow, but we’re looking forward to it anyway.

And it’s way past my bedtime (seems like it’s always way past my bedtime, doesn’t it?), so I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: basil attack during meat flap!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. Shannon Says:

    I love the report that “basil is not often used as a weapon” and that the dirt must have “bounced off the ground” onto her husband’s back! That’s some athletic dirt!

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