Cruising reader

Here’s LRN4 standing in front of our cruise ship. Picture taken in Ketchikan. Or Juneau. Or maybe San Francisco. Or somewhere else.

Blogger’s picture publishing is working again today. Their monthly “upgrade” must be over.

Not much to talk about tonight. Happy birthday to LRN3, though! I hope it was a great day. Sounded like it when I spoke with him this evening.

LRN2 and LRN4 went to the Lardville city council meeting this evening for a Duty to God requirement for LRN2. Sounds like it was entertaining, in a sick, politician way. Yuck.

For those Loyal Readers who aren’t interested in working as state fair carnies, I offer this: train-driving monkey. Now that’s a career you can stick with.

See you tomorrow

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