Defunct band


Here’s a band that no longer exists.  Clifford informed me a couple days ago that The Brewing Company ceased to exist about three weeks ago. The world is a poorer place for it. Fortunately, The Clifford Brown Trio has stepped in to take its place. So there’s that. Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam (the old version), taken right after a performance in April, 2011, and part of my famous Event series.

Happy Thanksgiving tomorrow! I’m looking forward to the day.

LRN4 spent the day at the hospital and the doctor’s office today – a total of about 15 hours, in fact. She started out at the hospital getting a couple units of red cells. Then she went to her doctor’s office for today’s chemo treatment. While she was there, they checked her blood and decided she needed some platelets, which had originally been scheduled for Sunday (and I suspect she’ll need more on Sunday too). Unfortunately, the transfusion people at the hospital were going home early today, so she had to go to the emergency room for the platelets. That ended up taking about eight hours. Very unfortunate.

On a positive note, LRN5 spent the day with her. So they had a nice time together. A nice, long time together. No chemo tomorrow, Friday, Saturday, or Sunday. Should be very pleasant.

I went over to the LBIL’s house late this afternoon to help him start setting up his little Christmas village. We barely made a dent into it, but we had a nice time. I’ll be back over there again during the next couple of days to continue the work.

LRN3 and I went to Costco and bought some new non-prescription drugs for LRN4 this morning. We were going to buy some rolls and sour cream there, but the store was so crowded and the checkout line was so long that we decided to take our business to Walmart. They were fairly crowded too, but we were able to quickly grab the couple of things we needed and check out at the self-service checkout stand. Much better situation.

I miss our old Costco’s self-checkout. It was a lot faster. I also miss the option to buy snack bar items at the checkout. I have no idea why they won’t do that here. I mentioned it to a checker once, and she got really nasty with me over it. Very strange. Also very, very bad customer service. Unbelievably bad, in fact. She was exceptionally rude and nasty about the whole thing.

LRN3 and I dropped in on the upholstery shop that’s scheduled to fix my beloved pickup’s torn seat. They had ordered the upholstery fabric several weeks ago and had never called me to tell me it was in. It turns out he was waiting for me to drop by, I guess. We’re scheduled to have it done next Wednesday. I’m looking forward to the seat looking right again.

Several of our group spent time cooking stuff for tomorrow late this evening after LRN4 and LRN5 got back. There’s still a whole lot to get done tomorrow morning. Hopefully, everything will get done on time. If not, I guess it won’t get done.

LRN23 should be in Las Vegas by now. He’ll be dropping by for dinner tomorrow. Looking forward to seeing him. Thanks for coming all the way out here, LRN23!

And that’s about it for today. I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: dog-based lion!

See you tomorrow.

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