Distant statue

Here’s a view from the docks in New Jersey.  See if you can pick out a well-known landmark or two.  Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam and part of my famous Statue series.

Hmm.  I think that categorization may have given away at least part of the answer.  Hopefully, my Loyal Readers won’t notice.

No word from Apple yet on releasing the Brewing Co. app.  Patience, grasshopper.  In the meantime, LRN1 is making amazing progress on the Android version.  What do you think are the chances it’ll be on the street before the iOS one?  I’m giving it about 25-30%, but LRN1 is usually good for a challenge.

Went out to lunch with my colleagues Hai and Thomas today, as is our wont on Fridays.  This time, I invited LRN4 and LRN1 to go with us.  We went to the Thai restaurant in the same strip mall as the Newtown Amish Farmer’s Market.  Except the restaurant is gone.  Closed down.  I guess they needed my business a bit earlier.  So we decided to go to the Amish Farmer’s Market for lunch instead.  Except all the Amish people were taking Good Friday off.  So we decided to go to the Chinese restaurant at the far end of the strip mall.  Except they had a fire a couple of days ago and they’re closed for repairs.  So we went back to the Amish Farmer’s Market and got Mexican and Japanese food from the non-Amish vendors.  Sheesh.  It was good anyway, but sheesh.

Let’s see, other new stuff . . . hmm . . . still thinking . . . nope, not coming up with anything.

Then let’s talk about Linux, shall we?  I’m disgusted with Ubuntu.  I see that shocked look on your face.  Well, it’s true.  I’ve loved Ubuntu for the last few years – and used it extensively – but they’ve jumped the shark for me.  That stupid Gnome Unity interface has got to go.  What a mess.  It’s as bad as Windows 8.

No, it’s not that bad.  Nothing is.

But it’s bad anyway.  A laptop computer is not a tablet.  It never has been and it never will be.  I don’t want a desktop full of icons.  I want a menu.  Give me my menu back, Ubuntu!

Yes, I know, there are supposedly ways to get the menu back.  That worked fine on Ubuntu 11.04, so I used it and was happy, but it’s hopelessly broken on 11.10.

And don’t tell me it’s all Gnu’s fault.  Yes, they’re responsible for Gnome.  But Ubuntu is responsible for caving to them.  And I don’t run Gnu, I run Ubuntu.

Or I ran Ubuntu, that is.  It’s gone now.  My trusty old Averatec Linux Laptop is now running Linux Mint.  That’s basically still Ubuntu (even downloads its updates from Ubuntu’s repositories – I wonder how long the Ubuntu people will put up with that!), but it has . . . wait for it . . . menus!  It also features a bit of non-free software, which doesn’t bother me a bit, and it doesn’t require me to put up with some Stallmanesque guilt trip to enable it.  It appears to have a nice, clean look, and it seems speedy enough for my old, pathetic hardware so far.

So do I have a perfect distribution?  A lot of people seem to think so.  I’ll have to see what I think after a while.

Okay, rant over.  Thanks for listening.  I feel so much better.

And I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this exciting Morrowlife Employment Agency job opportunity: mystery freeway dog!

See you on Monday.

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