Here’s LRN12’s Christmas present. She likes dolls, so I see no reason why she wouldn’t adore this one. Looks like Snow White to me. Great Eskimo Art taken in that wonderful museum in Canada. Part of my famous Statue series.

The weekend is once again here! After having late meetings the last couple of nights that prohibited me from even going home between work and church meetings, it’s been a wonderfully relaxing evening at home. Had a leisurely and delicious dinner of enchiladas, did a couple of dishes, and then stood by the nice warm fireplace and read some tech websites. Blogging now, and then I think I’ll read some more and turn in fairly early. My idea of a nice night.

Work’s still busy, but things are getting done. I still have about eight performance appraisals to give on Monday, but I think that can be accomplished. Let’s hope so, anyway. If I’m late . . . umm . . . nothing will happen to me. But I hope to be on time anyway.

We have some shocking food violence news tonight, of which there certainly seems to have been a lot lately: donut assault on a police officer. We need strict federal donut regulation, and we need it now. How did the guy think he would get away with it?

See you tomorrow.

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