Here’s a nice shot of Loyal Reader Number One accepting his Eagle Scout award a few weeks ago. We’re really proud of LRNO’s accomplishments in this area, as in many other things. Way to go, LRNO!

Well, there’s certainly some big news in the Morrowlife Blog world tonight. We have a new reader! Vickie is hereby declared Loyal Reader Number Ten. Actually, those of you following the comments already learned that she’s been reading for a while now, but she finally decided to reveal her existence last night. Welcome aboard, LRNT! Now just send us your picture for your very own Special Morrowlife Day. Don’t forget!

There’s not much else to talk about tonight. Work was busy as usual. I spent a little time in the software lab today and got a pretty good education. I need to learn how to run tests at various levels.

The mortgage on the Secret Undisclosed Location was approved today (actually, it was approved by two different mortgage companies), so nothing could possibly go wrong now. We’re movin’ to Lardville!

We got back in the spa this evening. They had changed the water today and it was much better. The Pool Guy told Loyal Reader Number Four that yesterday’s problem was a simple chemical imbalance caused by inexperienced personnel operating during his unavoidable absence. Sure. He also claimed they change the spa water every Tuesday, regardless of how polluted it was on Monday night. Right. Anyway, it was much nicer tonight.

Late breaking news! We have another Loyal Reader! That’s two in the same day. Welcome to Mike, our new Loyal Reader Number Eleven! Send us your picture and you’ll have a Special Morrowlife Day of your own.

Off to bed. Hasta manana.

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