Egyptian head


Here’s an ancient Egyptian head that’s currently in the fascinating collection at Bryn Athyn, rather than in ancient Egypt.  Looks like one of those mummy masks to me.  Great Art courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam and part of my famous Statue series.

Great day!  We didn’t do anything.  LRN29 came up from San Diego again this week.  She had little to no trouble finding us in the Village and we had a very nice visit.  She went to LRN4’s morning appointment with her.  I walked over to the clinic with them and then went back to the Village.  Had a chance to chat with LRN3 during the walk back, which was nice.  Spent the morning working.  LRN4 and LRN29 were gone for about two and a half hours because they didn’t get called in from the waiting room for quite a while.  Just when I was starting to wonder whether they were ever coming back, they came back.  So it went well.

And that was about it for the day.  LRN4 and I hung around the apartment all day.  We never even took a walk.  Our normal walking time was occupied by LRN4’s remote attendance at an HOA board meeting that went a bit longer than she expected.  So we’ll have to try again tomorrow.

Which looks like it might be busy.  Our friends Danelle and Jack are scheduled to come see us.  They live in Lardville and we were pretty close.  It’ll be fun to get together again.  Apparently, they’ve been vacationing in Utah and Nevada and they’re on their way back home.  Hopefully, swinging by the hospital won’t be too far out of their way.

I got what appears to be a really good app idea from my niece Tonya the other day.  I’ve been discussing it with a few other family members, all of whom seem more or less enthusiastic about it (granted, some more than others).  I discussed it with LRN1 for a while today and it sounds like a relatively easy project, code-wise.  The challenges are in marketing it to a wide enough audience, which is nationwide and doesn’t read all the same publications or go to the same conferences – in fact, there are numerous publications and numerous conferences; addressing the security issues associated with the data that would be generated and stored on the device and potentially on one or more servers; and generating sufficient revenue from the product to justify what could possibly be an expensive marketing campaign.  In fact, it would be really great to find a way to generate recurring revenue from customers.  I’m not quite sure how that will happen, though.  Oh, and I also need somebody to generate some really compelling artwork.  For little to no money.  Still, I think there’s a lot of opportunity there and I definitely want to do it.  Might even be the first to market if I jump on it.

In fact, I’m thinking of getting LRN1 on board to work on the coding so I can concentrate on the business side.  That’s kind of ironic.  I retired early from LockMart so I could have fun coding, but I’m spending almost all my time working on business stuff (see also my work with my nephew John on his project, which could definitely be a full-time job but which I’m trying to keep to about half time for now, if possible).  However, I have a lot of recent experience in that area and it might end up being the fun part of the business for me after all.

Why do I want to keep my efforts with John to half time?  Because he and I believe the likely revenue stream is about half a head for the foreseeable future.  So I need to keep the other half of my time free to work on other projects.

There are two projects out there for me to actually code – my good old Morse Trainer app, which I think has the potential to return a few hundred to maybe a couple thousand dollars over its lifetime if and when I find a way to monetize it at all; and some potential work with LRN23, which sounds like fun but is currently completely undefined.

On the very positive side, I appear to have more work now than I have time to get to.  On the negative side, none of it is guaranteed to make me any money.  Back on the positive side, there are potentially plenty of dollars to be made from at least a couple of my projects.  Business is fun!

Let’s see, now . . . is there anything else today?  Umm . . . I suppose not.  We had a nice day, ate some outstanding meals, worked, relaxed, and enjoyed being together.

And I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news: sausage-based bicycle attack!

See you tomorrow.

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