Exploded T

Here’s the aftermath of a tragic explosion.  I hate to see a perfectly good Model T end up that way.  Great art (slightly fuzzy or, as I like to call it, soft focus) courtesy of the exclusive iPhone-cam (forgot to take my good camera!), taken at the Henry Ford Museum, and part of my famous Machinery series.

Once again, a few days have gone by since my last post.  Let’s see what’s new.  Hmm . . . Well, it’s been quite hot.  That’s a good thing; it means the pool has been swimmable.  Very swimmable.  Dare I say eminently swimmable?  Yes, I dare.  Eminently swimmable.

So we’ve been swimming.  At least I have.  LRN4 has jacuzzified a bit, but it’s still not quite warm enough for her.  It’s been as high as 87 or so in there, which is really comfortable.  I’ve been in every day since Sunday.  Ahh!  This is the life.

But not tonight.  Need to post on my blog instead.  Also go to bed at a reasonable hour.

Speaking of which, I got up at 2:45 on Monday morning to go see our boy scouts off to camp.  I brought some donuts and juice, which were apparently well received.  At least there were no more donuts when I left.  I took a bit of Sunny D home with me, though.

Made up for the early Monday morning by sleeping in a bit on Tuesday.  I had a dental appointment in the morning, so I worked from home for the day.  Slept W-A-Y in until 6:45.

Had one cavity, which was filled on the spot.  So I’m good for another six months.  There was a new dentist – I guess my old one has moved on.  The new guy’s named Larry and I like him.  Next appointment: December 22.  That ought to work just about perfectly, as it’s my last work day before the Christmas holiday.  I can work that one from home too!

We’ve started looking at vacation homes in Las Vegas.  We think we might like to end up there after I retire, and now seems like a great time to buy, assuming we can afford it.  We’re looking at fairly small condos, with the idea that it would be our home base when we’re not somewhere else.  Which is what home bases are for, presumably.  Anyway, LRN4 might go out there and have a look in a couple of weeks.  We’re starting to get pretty serious.

One potential problem: if we buy a vacation condo, I might not be able to comfortably afford a Model T.  So here’s a special Morrowlife poll:

Which should I buy: a condo in Las Vegas or a Model T?

Vote early and vote often!  Operators are standing by.

That’s about it for today.  I’ll leave my Loyal Readers with this shocking food violence news (and possible Morrowlife employment agency job opportunity): beef jerky bandit!

See you tomorrow.

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  1. melissa Says:

    I really like this picture. It let’s you see how all the parts fit together and all of them.

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