Family portrait

Here’s a rare picture of Loyal Readers Numbers Two, One, Sixteen, and Four surrounding Your Humble and Obedient Servant. Picture taken at the Detroit Zoo this summer by Loyal Reader Number Eighteen.

Well. If we can believe yesterday’s comments, I posted the same Great Art twice. The sad thing is that it wasn’t one of my better works of Great Art. All I can say is we better hope I find a lot of things to take pictures of at our next camping trip.

Got to bed at about 9:00 last night, which is unusually early for me. The blog took little time to get ready (yes, I know it shows) and I was sleepy. So I went to bed. LRN4 was out with friends, so I never saw her.

One exciting Morrowlife Financial Juggernaut detail I forgot to mention yesterday – I actually made 36 cents yesterday alone! The blog is really capturing the hearts and minds of The American People. Nothing can stop me now.

I’ve discovered another exciting animal-related summer internship possibility for Loyal Reader Number One: Worm Grunter.

Had a couple of phone conversations with Loyal Reader Number Three today. He’s really struggling to figure out a workable near-term educational/employment plan. I’m trying to offer constructive suggestions and points to consider, but it’s ultimately his and Loyal Reader Number Fifteen’s decision, and I don’t envy them that.

One of the toughest decisions a young person has to make is his or her education. To a very large extent, that decision will determine his or her work (and therefore personal) life for the next thirty years or so, and the decisions have to be made with extremely limited future vision. Recommendation to LRN3 and LRN15: Pray. Pray like the wind! Also remember we’ve all been through it, and things generally work out.

Anyway. Situation otherwise normal. Tonight’s meeting is canceled, so I might be able to find some time to work on Sudoku Solver. We’ll see.

Today’s Morrowlife controversy: Should we be checking the lock on Loyal Pet Number Two’s cage?

Check out the new Blogger feature right below this. You can now enter your comments directly on the main page! That obviously means we’ll be getting a lot more comments, doesn’t it?

See you tomorrow.

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