Here are the fellas – at least some of them. Sigh. I miss the fellas. At least I still have some pictures. That yellow-looking fella in the middle is Whitey (he used to be a lot whiter), and if I’m not mistaken, that’s Little Blackie in the bottom right corner. Yes, I know he’s bright orange, but he was jet black when he was just a little fella. The rest of them have no names. They’re just Fellas.

Short post tonight. I have a meeting at 8:30 and I won’t feel like writing when I get home. Stayed up too late last night trying to get PostNuke to install on Larry. It’s working great on the real server, hosting the HRVA. I wanted to get a test installation set up so I could experiment a little, but it would get partly installed and then just stop. No error message, no explanation, no clue. Very puzzling. I tried and tried and tried and then gave up and went to bed. Upon reflection in the shower this morning, I’ve started wondering whether it likes the 64-bit version of Linux. Probably not. I would try installing it on Moe, with its 32-bit (very slow) processor and corresponding version of Linux, but it has Fedora Core 3 installed, which is so old it no longer updates, so I’m assuming it’s not running a sufficiently recent version of MySQL. I guess I could always check. I’m also thinking of putting Fedora Core 5 on it. I’m just trying to figure out how to redo all the configuration I’ve done on it and I get discouraged. It’s really only being used for backup and other data storage, which is not a demanding use. It’s running fine just like it is. So maybe I won’t change it. Anyway, I’m sleepy already and don’t want to have to come back and blog before bed. So I’m doing it quickly now.

Drove the car today and made it in an hour and forty-five minutes in both directions. That’s not too bad for around here. Traffic was especially good through Tracy in the afternoon. It’s been bad every day on 680. I heard today that they have 880, which runs parallel to 680 just a little to the west, torn up. Traffic there has become very bad, so I’m guessing there’s been more than a little spillover to 680. The nerve of those people. Have the decency to stay on your own freeway.

I started listening to Pandora again yesterday. It’s a pretty cool website that sets up personalized internet “radio stations” for you, based on your tastes in music. It does an amazing job at picking songs you’ll like. Check it out!

Time to have a little bit of a life. See you tomorrow.

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